Kevin Feige Kind of Admits that an Avengers 5 is Coming

Kevin Feige Kind of Admits that an Avengers 5 is Coming

Ever since the Avengers first debuted in the MCU it wasn’t much of a question that things were going to change as each phase came along. From the first moment that it was seen how many changes were being made to the team it was evident that one of these days contracts would run out and possibly heroes would start aging out since let’s be real on this score, Robert Downey Jr. is starting to get up there in age and one of these days even Tom Holland isn’t going to look all that young any longer. But to think that Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Sam Wilson as the new Captain America will be the veteran Avengers that are left, as Christian Bone of We Got This Covered mentions, is kind of strange since the comics the roster has changed many times over, but there have almost always been constants that have always been kept around, like Captain America and Iron Man. But with Iron Man having met his end and Captain America taking the time to let history run its course without him, which is still a debate, it’s likely that Captain Marvel will take the helm for an Avengers 5. There’s no problem with that really so long as Brie Larson tones down her rhetoric and doesn’t let anything go to her head as RDJ did, considering that he started pulling down a ridiculous salary, even if he started the MCU off with Iron Man. When we’ll see an Avengers 5 is kind of hard to say since Kevin Feige is being kind of cagey about it right now and it’s likely that in this next phase it won’t happen.

Whether it happens in the phase after that will be hard to predict as well since Marvel has everything mapped out in such a big way that expecting anything to come racing forward is a bit foolish since there are just too many movies on the list at the moment to handle and the MCU has a lot of work to do once the shutdown is over. Plus there’s the fact that there are several series on Disney+ that need to be pushed in order to find out if they’re going to work or if they need to be retooled somehow or possibly just dumped along the side of the road. There’s also the idea that Hulk won’t be returning for his own movie or even a series, but he might show up in the upcoming She-Hulk, while WandaVision is being anticipated, as is Black Widow, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and several more ideas that have fans salivating since a lot of folks are wanting to see the MCU dominate as they have been doing on the big screen. But without access to any big screen other than a drive-in (hey it’s something at least) we’re going to be left waiting to see just whether or not the pandemic is going to pass by eventually so that the movies and shows we want will reach us before we lose interest. Marvel fans might laugh at that notion that any one of them would dare say they’re no longer interested in what Disney’s pushing. But there are those that might be getting frustrated with Marvel for other reasons, such as mistreating certain characters that people have loved for so long and not bothering to do anything to at least try to stick to the source material. Hulk is a good example since at one point in the comics he and Banner did come together to form a union that left Banner in Hulk’s body but with his own mind, yet with all the intensity and aggression he needed, rather than a distaste for getting physical as we saw in Endgame. Matt McGloin of Cosmic Book News might agree with this. Can anyone see a strike against ‘toxic masculinity’ in evidence?

The reality of all this is that we will be seeing a new team of Avengers and the hope, the big hope, is that if the MCU is going to push anything, it will be that the Avengers will have more female members, which is all well and good since there are some seriously powerful women in the MCU, and that they’ll be taking on cosmic-level threats from that point on since anything like Ultron or lower would likely be a bad idea if the MCU is still intent on making Carol Danvers the most powerful character in the MCU. Of course there are still more heroes to add, and some that are far more powerful than Carol without any question. Maybe saying she’s the most powerful Avenger, or the most powerful earth-born hero would be better, since if the Silver Surfer or Galactus shows up and she waxes them both with ease then fans are likely going to call bs in a hurry. It might be time to dial back on her power level a bit and remember that her character isn’t the be-all, end-all of heroes.

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