First Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Detailed

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a popular media franchise even though it was based on a ride of the same name from a Disney Park the first Pirates of the Caribbean had little to do with the ride but was inspired heavily by it. From the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, four sequels have been made to equal five movies within the franchise. Most recently, there have been various rumors involving the possible future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Such rumors include a new Pirates with Margot Robbie, a Pirates without Margot Robbie, a separate installment with the actress to reboot the franchise, and another as a sequel as Johnny Depp will no longer be involved in Pirates 6. It’s hard to know what the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise could look like. However, we know that the first Pirates of the Caribbean film paved the way for the rest of the franchise. Below, we’ve detailed the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie for those that haven’t seen it or simply want a refresher.

Pirates of the Caribbean Depp Bloom

credit: Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, titled Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, was only the first movie within the once fast-growing franchise, but it spawned an almost two-decade run of five movies with the same lead actor through each one, and a sixth recently confirmed. While several other actors appear through most, if not all, of the movies, the main character followed was Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. Still, as tensions in the actor’s life grew tighter, he was separated from the franchise’s future. As the franchise has already been in question since the last entry was released in 2017, the 6-year time gap between the last two films has almost been filled, which will then be the biggest gap between Pirates of the Caribbean movies ever.

cast POTC

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The First Pirates of the Caribbean Cast

The cast and general plot of the first Pirates of the Caribbean were interesting enough to generate four more movies overall, and three of the five movies contained mostly the same cast. The three movies to include the same main cast were also the first three films released in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie had Johnny Depp as the now infamous and soon forgotten Jack Sparrow, while Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport, and others as the main cast and some other minor roles.

Jack Sparrow

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The First Pirates Plot and More

The first Pirates of the Caribbean followed Jack Sparrow, the first time we saw the wacky, evasive pirate in action and the supernatural elements in the franchise. While other pirate-related films in the past were never as successful as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the well-thought-out story and surprise elements most wouldn’t have expected in such a film kept the series running beyond the first film. Overall, the plot of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie follows Jack Sparrow and his hunt for his pirate ship, The Black Pearl. However, as Jack got closer to his goal, we learned why Jack was separated from his ship, as well as what happened to the crew while Jack was away, against his will. While Jack was away, Captain Barbossa and the rest of The Black Pearl had stolen the cursed treasure of Hernan Cortes Isla de Muerta, turning them into skeletal immortals in the moonlight. To reverse the curse, Captain Barbossa and the rest of the cursed crew must return each piece of treasure to the cave it was found on the Isla de Muerta. While the film showed the different paths of the various characters, all roads led to the return of the gold and everyone getting their happy ending, such as Elizabeth and Will together, Captain Barbossa and the crew returning the gold, and Jack reunited with his ship, The Black Pearl. The first Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl, ultimately ended with all those goals properly acquired, but the film also set the way for the next story, as all Pirates of the Caribbean films have. At the end of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Jack Sparrow is set to be hanged when Will and Elizabeth set forward a plan to rescue Jack, which turns into Will being pardoned so that he could marry Elizabeth, with her father’s blessing. Jack escaped into the sea, claiming his ship and crew again before they set off with a one-day headstart ahead of the Royal Navy.

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