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Pirates of the Caribbean 6

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There has been a lot going on with Johnny Depp lately, and when it started, it was hard not to worry about our beloved “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. While it’s been expected before the current turmoil that Johnny Depp wouldn’t be involved in the next installment of the franchise anyway, the future of the franchise, specifically with “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”, has been expected to get official news sooner as fans grow more eager for the next entry. Below, we’ve gone into detail on Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and what we know about “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”, or Pirates 6, as it currently has no official title.

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Barbossa Pirates 6

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“Pirates of the Caribbean”

“Pirates of the Caribbean” may have originally started as a Disney Park attraction, but the movie franchise was wildly successful. At least the first three films were, but overall, the series was original and exciting. While each film in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise has featured Jack Sparrow, the issues at hand have evolved well beyond our favorite pirate as the movies have progressed. So far, “Pirates of the Caribbean” has released five films within the franchise. Within the films, Jack Sparrow has been possibly the most famous pirate of the seas, but not the most feared or even acknowledged as the character has been a continuously loaded cannon in terms of recklessness. Jack Sparrow has survived an incredible amount of death-like situations, and the generally selfish pirate has grown as a human being from the first to the fifth film. Pirates of the Caribbean 6 must be released almost two decades after the first film was released due to delays, so to have a lack of Jack Sparrow may be somewhat refreshing.

Pirates of the Caribbean Will Turner Elizabeth Swann

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“Pirates of the Caribbean” Films

Questions about “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” have been more in supply than answers or a proper announcement regarding the actual film. The possibility of spinoffs could always remain an option as well. Still, the already released films in the franchise have their own deep stories that could inspire the next “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The first “Pirates of the Caribbean” film introduced viewers to Jack Sparrow, to instant love, and continued to follow his adventures in subsequent films as he made more friends and enemies along the way. “Pirates of the Caribbean” ended its first film by familiarizing viewers with The Curse of the Black Pearl, a most relevant story of Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship. Throughout the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films, the Black Pearl has been mentioned numerous times, and regardless of whether Jack has it in his possession, the Black Pearl has been labeled as his. As the first film got us generally acquainted with the characters, ships, affiliations, supernatural elements, and the overall world within “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the second film gave us the definitive character of Davy Jones. The second film begins with the wedding of the characters portrayed by Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, Will and Elizabeth until interrupted by a mission for Will. This mission would inevitably reunite him with Jack Sparrow as his supernatural compass was the bounty. The infamous Davy Jones wanted Jack Sparrow’s head and ship during that journey. The following “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, At World’s End, was the darkest yet, with an actual world-ending storyline that brought all past elements together in a grand way, which was surprising given the short time span between Pirates 2 and Pirates 3, 2006 and 2007, respectively. Indeed anything could be possible with “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” as Pirates 5 used the original “Pirates of the Caribbean” film as inspiration for Dead Men Tell No Tales. “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” and 5 were less popular with fans. Still, they got love from them as they only made the epic fantasy story even more epic per movie and introduced even more stories and characters to the mix, as well as plenty of dark twists and turns. As each “Pirates of the Caribbean” film has been loved by fans to some extent, Disney will likely continue to expand upon the world far beyond “Pirates of the Caribbean 6.”

Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann Jack Sparrow

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“Pirates of the Caribbean 6”

As “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” introduced Blackbeard, and his daughter, while “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” introduced Captain Armando Salazar, “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” will likely include another supernaturally empowered pirate or pirate-hating foe for our non-Jack Sparrow crew to goofily survive. That said, the most vivid details that we know include the absence of Jack Sparrow, and the writers behind the film have been swapped more than once already. Originally, “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” was supposed to be filmed directly after Dead Men Tell No Tales, but clearly, that didn’t pan out. The writers behind the long-awaited sixth installment of the franchise were initially supposed to be the team behind Deadpool before they left the project. Since the initial writers have been detached from the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean 6,” it has been rumored that Ted Elliot and Craig Mazin, as well as reports that Margot Robbie, will be the lead in a separate “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. So we don’t know who will be behind the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Pirates 6, especially with an independent film with Margot Robbie. Of course, Disney may move forward with that film as the headline Pirates film. Still, we’ll likely get at least one Pirates of the Caribbean film sooner than later, even if it won’t necessarily be Pirates 6, with Robbie attached to the franchise.

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