San Francisco Wild Fires Make it Look like Blade Runner 2049

Sadly there’s no filter on this camera and no special effects taking place since the wildfires that have been burning along the west coast are all too real and the smoke that’s been drifting to the west has turned many areas into a yellow to orange-tinged skyline as people have avoided going outside as much as possible and are being told to stay inside for their health. Obviously a good number of people will disregard this since they still feel the need to be active no matter if the sky is falling. But comparing the sky to the strange coloring in Blade Runner 2049 is just way too accurate at this time. The hope of course is that firefighters will find a way to quell the blaze and beat it back, but at this time it does sound as though the battle is still ongoing and has yet to reach a conclusion. At this moment many people in the western states are wondering just where they can turn and what they can do to alleviate the damage that the fires have caused, though kind of like this movie that prompted the idea, there are unfortunately not a lot of answers and too many people that are left without anywhere to turn to. Thankfully some people have been put up in campers or hotels and have been given what aid is available by neighboring communities, while others have been evacuated from their homes and towns for the sake of safety.

Some folks might want to compare the dystopian society that exists in Blade Runner 2049 with the world as we see it now, but the unfortunate truth if that there’s any similarity it’s because people have been making it that way, not because it’s been headed in that direction on its own. There are the odd rumors that people have been starting the fires on the west coast, and some believe there is proof, but at this moment not a lot is known concerning this detail. All that’s been obvious in the last couple of days is that the scenery looks like something out of a movie and the best estimation is one in which hope and the fate of those involved is uncertain, no matter that many people will hold out the idea that there is hope and that things will eventually turn out alright. It’s a common feeling at least, especially since the fire crews have been working hard to preserve lives and property while doing what they can to stem the fires. As of Thursday things were still building as the fires spread to encompass thousands of acres, but some blazes have thankfully been partially contained.

Thinking of how little time it takes for things to change is rough since only a couple months ago, as the video shows, people were actually finding a reason to hope, to enjoy themselves, and to think that 2020 wouldn’t be all bad. So far that’s about all it’s been, but people are still keeping their heads up as much as they can. The future isn’t bound to be anything other than what people make of it, but a lot of folks don’t want to hear this as they’re trying to find anyone to blame for what’s happened and what’s still happening, meaning the continuing calamities that the United States has been experiencing, from the various disasters and weather patterns to the political landscape that many feel has been a mess for much longer than a lot of people might want to admit. when comparing the current world we live in to the movies it’s fairly thankful that we don’t live in a world that’s quite like Blade Runner yet, otherwise it would be even more depressing in a lot of ways. That’s one thing that a lot of people tend to miss when they’re looking for a scapegoat, our world has a variety of options when it comes to getting better, so long as people are willing to listen to them.

How long it will take until the skies are back to their normal hue is anyone’s guess, but the hope is that firefighters and volunteers that are out attempting to quell the blaze will be able to come home safe and sound when that point is reached. There’s a lot to be thankful for when it comes down to those that will step into harm’s way for others during a crisis, and while our skies currently look like something out of a science fiction movie, the best part of it is that there are real heroes out there that are doing their best to keep people safe and sound and are doing what they can to resolve the problem. Thanks to those folks the rest of us can at least rest easy knowing that someone has our back.

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