Crocodile Hunter’s Son Robert Irwin Goes on Expedition to Find Toilet Paper

It makes you wonder if Steve Irwin would be proud of his son Robert, provided he knew the situation and how things are going in today’s world. It definitely sounds fair to assume that of course he would be since the spoof that Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb mentions is all in good fun and is a big reflection of the world and how it sits today. The elusive hunt for the endangered species known as ‘toilet paper’ and ‘hand sanitizer’ is one that a lot of people have been on in recent weeks and if anyone’s doubting just how hard it’s been to find said products they’ve either been living under a rock or somehow haven’t been paying attention. Taking after his father though, Robert recently made a funny video detailing what a lot of people have come to find so irritatingly true, that various items have been in short supply for a while now and are extremely hard to find. Depending on what part of the world a person lives in and whether or not it’s calmed down yet, there are stores that are thankfully stocked with tp and sanitizing products finally. One of the best things the stores started doing was limiting how much of each product a person could buy since without these limits in place it was a free for all whenever a shipment came in as people actually started fighting over toiletries at one point. That’s right, people were actually fighting over toilet paper and hoarding other supplies that could have easily supplied everyone for weeks if not months.

The sad realization of how the world exists at this point is easy to spoof but it’s also easy to find utterly depressing at times since the fact is that people reacted to the coronavirus out of fear and little else for various reasons. Yes, one of those reasons was the media and its insane need to hype up just about anything once their greedy little fingers are dug into a topic. Alejandro De La Garza of Time has more to say on this subject. Ever notice how things don’t always appear that bad until the media puts their spin on them? Thankfully that wasn’t the only thing driving the panic, but it was definitely one of the strongest forces since many upon many people have been watching the news without fail throughout the last few weeks and have planned their lives accordingly, which for a little while meant hoarding and binge-buying in a way that made it feel as though the apocalypse was rounding the corner and would be here any moment. Things haven’t exactly gotten much better at this point but they’ve definitely calmed down quite a bit as people have dialed back just a little on how much they’re buying at the store.

While the effects of the coronavirus are very real the response has been something that is both mixed and hard to pin down with any definitive voice since there are many that have lost loved ones and friends to complications brought on by the disease while there are others who have been left unscathed by it apart from the constant uncertainty that at lot of people are living with. Some want to talk about the survival rate, but many newscasts are far more interested in the death toll, even if some will thankfully state that many folks are recovering. Humanity is a bit of a mess right now as some people are stating that we’ll get through this while others are acting as though it’s the end of the world as we know it. One thing we can say with any definitive voice is that the world is not ending, and it’s not bound to end anytime soon, at least not in our lifetime. What we’re experiencing as human beings at this point is the uncertainty and the fear that so many of our ancestors must have felt when there were no medicines and no known cures for some of the diseases that sprang up during those times, and the science of the times was woefully inept to handle the sicknesses that came about. When you look at it, the biggest pandemics within world history took millions due to lack of proper medicine or scientific research, while the coronavirus has yet to affect that many, and has claimed thousands. It’s still a tragic number and still enough to give many people pause, but the difference in the numbers is vastly significant. Perhaps the reason it’s amusing at times to hear people that are so afraid of this disease is that they have no grasp on just how bad it could really be.

Skits such as Robert’s are important because they help us laugh, they help us to move past the horror that some want to feel and the depression that threatens to take hold. Sometimes laughter in the face of something terrifying is the best recourse.

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