Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Blade Runner 2049 Binoculars

Adam Savage’s one day builds have now incorporated the Blade Runner 2049 binoculars used by Deckard from the movie. Leave it to Adam to want to take on a project like this, as he’s a big fan and for some reason has focused on this one little thing from the movie that many other people might have dismissed out of hand. The movie itself wasn’t too bad but after watching it I can see now why it might have failed to impress that many people. You really have to be into the Blade Runner mythos to really get everything that was happening and why it was so important.

These binoculars though were little more than a prop and were dismissed pretty quickly in the movie, leaving me to wonder just why Adam fixated on these. To each their own, I too like certain items from my favorite movies and seek to collect them. If I could create them like Adam does it’d be awesome but unfortunately I don’t have the technical know-how or the patience to sit through the tedious process of putting everything together and modifying whatever really needs to be. I’ve no problem talking to myself like he does, that seems to come natural to anyone that works on their own and does something that a lot of other people don’t readily understand. I will admit that watching him make these binoculars is kind of impressive and makes me just a bit envious that I’m not so into being this hands on with the type of things that he’s doing.

One thing about Adam Savage though is that he’s really demanding when it comes to being exact and getting everything to fit the way it needs to. That can be a good thing and bad thing really. It’s good since he wants everything perfect so that it will be tight and well-put together. It can be negative however since it makes him just a little bit too technical and less apt to accept anything that might be good enough to pass muster but not look as authentic as he’d like. He’s all about function, he wants his creations to be a close to the real deal as he can get them and to be honest I can’t blame him. A lot of people would likely just look for a copy of the binoculars on eBay or Amazon. Not Adam, he wants that thing to be all his own creation, or at least most of it.

He goes so far as to make it completely functional by adding in switches and buttons that will make the interior of the binoculars work as he wants them to. While it won’t work as it would in the movie, it will still work, which is the point. This is where I’d really get turned off to the project since engineering is not my thing. But he seems to enjoy it and really gets into the tiny details and busywork that goes into this project.

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