So Bill Murray Is Bartending at 21 Greenpoint in Brooklyn This Weekend


For those of you living in New York or adjacent cities and towns, you might consider heading to the opening of a new hot spot by the name of 21 Greenpoint located in Brooklyn this weekend.  They’re having a very special guest bartender who is none other than Bill Murray.  You might be wondering why Murray has chosen this bar of all bars to tend bar at.  The answer is quite simple.  The owner of the bar is Murray’s son Homer Murray.

Must be pretty awesome to have your father be Bill Murray bartending at your new club as a way to open it.  There’s no doubt that lines will be out the door so people can order drinks (most likely want to do shots with) from the legendary comedian and actor.   This actually isn’t Murray’s first time tending the bar.

In 2010 he delighted the internet with his impromptu shift at Austin’s Shangri-La bar during South By Southwest. He was enjoying some drinks with the Wu-Tang Clan when he decided to jump behind the bar.   Also, Murray is no stranger to crashing parties either.  He’s notorious for taking random photos that make their way to Twitter and Instagram.   If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Homer Murray is going to have one memorable opening for 21 Greenpoint.   And just in case you’re wondering what’s going to happen at the bar this weekend?  I’ve got five predictions:

1.  The Life Aquatic Hat

The hat that you see in the picture above has got to make an appearance at the club.   If there’s one thing that I think fans can count on, it’s that Bill Murray will be wearing something that people will not forget.  Personally I think it would be awesome if he showed up in that tux (with that metallic fitting stuff in the back), face filled with makeup that he wore in Lost in Translation.  But let’s hope he mixes it up.

2. A picture that gets shared over 1 million times

I don’t know who’s going to be the lucky winner of the “photo of the night” but some lucky fan is going to share a photo on Instagram and that photo will be Internet gold for about 24 hours.  Any thoughts on what this photo might entail?  I’m kind of hoping it’s something out of Happy Gilmore when he signs an autograph on a lucky fan’s chest.

3.  The biggest follow up day drop in customers

This isn’t knocking Homer Murray but after a day with Bill Murray as a bartender I predict that the single largest drop in customer history will occur the day after this club opens.   Percentage wise I think we’re talking record setting here.

4.  Murray’s going to go all out

And by all out I mean he’s going to be huge trooper.  Some celebrities might put up a stink about doing something like this and not be particularly nice to the fans.  That’s not Murray’s style.  If people want to do shots with him, he’ll do them. If they want to take pictures, he’ll take them.  Bottom line, he’s going to be awesome.

5. 21 Greenpoint Revenue

This is in fact a knock on Homer Murray.  There’s just no way revenue will ever match opening night, and that’s certainly a problem Homer’s gonna face one day.

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