Updates On Al Roker, The Weather Forecaster

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Weather forecasters are different kinds of humans. They are the ones to bring joy and sunshine in an otherwise gloomy late-night show news program while telling their audiences that the weather wouldn’t be as great the next day. They are very sociable as well, and in most programs that they are in, they are often observed to be breaking the fourth wall with their colleagues in ways like talking to them across the screen. They also show that they are human and have emotions even in a boring program as they can flaunt themselves by laughing with the other anchors and having a good time with them.

For this reason, weather forecasters are often loved in the world of television.

credit: @alroker

Al Roker

And Albert Lincoln Roker, commonly known as Al Roker, is no exception to this weather forecaster love that most TV watchers emulate.

He is well-known for his weatherman role in the Today Show, and sometimes co-hosting another show, 3rd Hour Today.

In 2005, he became famous after a video of him went rounds online. The video contained footage of him, being held by somebody else in the feet as support, delivering a weather bulletin in the midst of Hurricane Wilma. Eventually, unable to battle the strong winds, he fell off to the ground and his companion at his feet.

As recently as last month, Roker wasn’t seen in his usual segments on the Today Show which worried his fans. Later on, he revealed that he was hospitalized after discovering some blood clots in his lungs. He has been recovering since, but we couldn’t help but ask, how is he doing now?

credit: @alroker

His current situation

On Instagram, Roker posted subtle hints about his health. In one of his posts, he captioned:

So thankful to be well enough to decorate the Roker Family #christmastree

In the said post, he showed pictures of his family decorating their Christmas Tree, just in time for the holidays. Several posts on his Instagram page also gave a few updates about his situation, such as when his colleagues at Today showed up in front of his house, all with Santa hats, and went caroling.

What would be the future of his position in the show Today look like then? Well, nothing is for sure except that people miss him. But for now, sources indicate that Craig Melvin would be taking his post in the meantime.

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