10 Things You Didn’t Know about Courtney Skippon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Courtney Skippon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Courtney Skippon

Some professions come with many perks that are in line with our passion. Courtney Skippon loves traveling and being on the beach, and luckily for her, she chose to be a stewardess, so she gets to go to various exotic places. She is the third stewardess featured in “Below Deck,” and despite her lack of enthusiasm at first, Kate has grown fond of her saying she is hardworking. Courtney was not making a good impression on her fans with her constant complaining, but now, they cannot get enough of her sense of humor. Here is more about her that you probably do not know yet.

1. She went to business school

Unlike most people who know by the time they leave high school what career path they will take, Courtney was not decided. Therefore after finding that nothing interested her, she thought studying business would do; hence, she enrolled in SKEMA business school in Valbonne, France. Although she does not disclose her concentration, she might have studied commerce and banking, management, or hotel management since the institution provides 15 courses across the three streams.

2. Her need for a summer job led her to yachting

It is not by accident but by design that we find ourselves in some places. Of course, sometimes we do not understand how it happens, so we blame the circumstances saying they pushed us towards a specific direction. That was the case with Courtney, whose need for money forced her to take up a summer job in yachting. She had been living in Paris, and the expensive life needed money to fund it.

3. She hates servitude

Nothing is as draining as hearing someone complain all the time about everything. Courtney was hated for the constant complaining she did as the season started. For someone who chose to be in the service industry, it was ironic that Courtney found the life of servitude annoying. Therefore she said how much she hated ironing and doing laundry and would rather be sipping champagne while enjoying spectacular views.

4. She had two crew members trying to win her heart

It is a pleasant feeling for a woman to have many suitors, but unless she takes her time in deciding who is best for her, she can end up with someone who is out to use her. In the show, Brian and Ashton wanted to date Courtney. It was up to them to prove to her who was worth being given a chance. Brian enticed Courtney with his romantic efforts and respect since instead of sneaking around he asked Kate to allow them to go on a boat ride. Ashton, on the other hand, was frustrated that he was not getting anywhere near her, and instead of upping his game, he made things worse by kissing Kate.

5. She is an only child

Courtney does not have siblings, which could be an explanation of why she had a hard time adjusting to the life of servitude. Usually, with most children who do not have siblings, getting along with others can be a bit of a challenge. With Courtney, she appears friendly, but she might have been raised to have everything she ever wanted, which makes it hard for her to serve others. It is highly probable that she has been pampered all her life considering that she even got to go to school in Paris.

6. She has other income-generating activities

Brad Paisley said that celebrities get away with a lot of things with his “Celebrity” song, but one thing he did not mention is the many business opportunities that come with being famous. On Cameo, celebrities charge fans to deliver specialized messages; from birthday wishes to romantic anniversary videos, stars will do it all as long as you pay. It is quite a lucrative business opportunity since Caitlyn Jenner charges $2,500, and booking Kevin O’Leary needs $999. Courtney is only making her name, but still, she charges $35, and with time as she gathers more fans, that charge will increase.

7. Her dog is her accessory

For most women, their makeup kit is what you will never miss in their bag, but Courtney would rather forget her lipstick than her dog. Therefore on Instagram, she declares that she can never leave home without him. The dog can be seen in one post watching Courtney on her laptop, and in another, they are taking a bath together, proving how inseparable the two are. However, it is not just her dog that she loves; in one picture, she is holding another dog saying she is thankful for other people’s dogs.

8. Her social media presence is growing at a speedy rate

Although Courtney cannot compare with Jennifer Aniston, who set the record for having a million followers in five hours and 16 minutes, the stewardess is still making her waves on the platform. Two months ago, when Heavy published her love for Instagram, Courtney had only 897 followers. The amount has significantly increased to reach the current number of 20.1k followers. Her Twitter account does not have as many fans since she only has 7k followers, and she does not seem to have a Facebook account.

9. She loves pasta

If you want to spoil Courtney with food, then you must prepare her favorite dish, which happens to be pasta. On her Twitter, the stewardess posted that in a world with no consequences, she would have pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She was very proud of making a cacao e pepe that she went on her social media accounts to show her fans her accomplishment. Her love for the dish is also evidenced by her sicchie d’a munnezza, a dish made from leftovers.

10. She does not compromise on her principles

Courtney knows that society expects women to behave in a certain way; they should be friendly, fun-loving and nurturing. However, Courtney does not believe that she has to portray those traits for her to be lovable; she prefers to remain true to herself, and that means being assertive, decisive, and smart. Further, she is not swayed by men who will try to get in her pants on the first date, no matter how well they connected. Courtney believes in getting quality in all facets of her life because that is the value that her parents instilled in her.

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