10 Things You Didn’t Know about A&E’s “Court Cam”

Court Cam

A&E has done it again. The Reality TV giant has found yet another way to keep us glued to our seats with their latest show, Court Cam. If you’re a budding lawyer, police officer, or just a regular citizen who’s fascinated by what goes on int the justice system, this is definitely the show for you. We love our TV, and when a show this good comes along, we have to know more about it, so we went digging for the facts and came up with ten things you didn’t know about A&E’s “Court Cam.”

1. A&E’s Legal History

A&E has a long history of reality TV shows, and more than a few of them have dealt with the law. From Live PD to 60 Days in, and Gangland Undercover, no one brings the legal heat quite like A&E. We’ve been fans for a long time, and Court Cam is just another reason to tune in. This brilliant show covers all sides of the courtroom, from witnesses to judges and more.

2. Dan Abrams

Court Cam from Abrams’ Law&Crime Productions is bringing Dan Abrams back to the small screen for another riveting round of real-life legal drama. He brings his legal expertise as the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News, and a familiar face to the show to guide viewers through the court process in some of the most outlandish court cases ever. If you were wondering how Dan would top Live PD, you need look no further. After the social media phenomenon that is Live PD, we weren’t sure if there was an even better platform for Dan, but he’s found it in Court Cam.

3. Schedule

If you’re not already a fan, you will be. Viewers can catch the next episode on Thursday at 9 pm. It’s no surprise that Court Cam is primetime worthy, with all the action and excitement we didn’t know we’d find inside a courthouse. You can catch an episode every week or binge-watch them all in a row. We love a good binge-a-thon.

4. It’s Not Funny, but…

Our favorite thing about this show isn’t the drama, though it has plenty of that. Dan Abram’s unique style and occasionally hilarious puns help cut up the action (and the audience) so that things don’t drag and end up in one long depression festival. We always look forward to those moments when Dan interjects his unique humor and brins a smile amid all the legalese and intense court battles.

5. A&E on YouTube

So you’ve watched all the episodes, and you need more? A&E has got your back with their YouTube channel. You can catch sneak peeks and back episodes of some of their best programming without having to wait a week. Re-watch some of your favorites like Dance Moms or Duck Dynasty while you wait.

6. Firsthand Accounts

What makes Court Cam so unique is the interviews. Any show can give you a story, but CC digs deeper. Judges, witnesses, defendants, and other people who were personally there weigh in with their opinions and share their recollections of the events depicted on the show. This unusual insight brings an extra dimension to CC that truly helps us see it like we were there.

7. Real Courtrooms

Everything you see on the Court Cam segments showing the courtrooms genuinely happened in a real place. There are no special effects, reenactments, or second, takes. A beautiful glossy made-for-tv show scene is fantastic in its own place and time. However, if you really want the scoop, you need a show that brings reality to it’s ‘reality TV,’ and CC delivers. Fair warning though, it can be heart wrenching to see events as they unfolded at the time, so bring a box of tissues and get ready to cry.

8. Murders & More

A lot of the cases you’ll see on Court Cam revolve around murder suspects. From a father who killed his own children to other violent offenders. However, it’s not all killers. There will be cases involving armed robbers and other criminal proceedings as well. No case is too large or too small for CC. Any case that’s truly out of the ordinary is a contender on Court Cam.

9. Suicide in Court

People who don’t work in the justice system might find it hard to believe some of the things that happen in a courtroom. Episode three, like all the episodes of Court Cam, shows several cases. However, the one that seriously rocked viewers involves a suspected murderer who slashes his own throat. How and why would someone do that? You’ll just have to watch the episode to learn more.

10. Crazier Than You Think

Yes, the majority of court cases are probably reasonably civil. Emotions may run high, but other than some contempt of court, most trials are fairly reasonable structured events that proceed logically from point A to point B. What makes Court Cam different is that it’s not just a look inside a courtroom. Dan Abrams covers the cases, large or small, where things were so far over the top they might as well be made up because they’re perfect for TV. The sad part is that the events are real. People are much stranger, and sometimes more violent than you’d expect, even in court.

Final Thoughts

Reality TV lovers and people who enjoy legal dramas alike will find something to love in this fascinating new A&E show. We’ll admit it, we’ve seen all the episodes that are out so far, and we’re captivated by this unique courtroom drama. There are plenty of shows about police arresting people, and inmates but the part that comes between is relatively unexplored. Sure, there’s are lots of dramas that center around attorneys, but those shows are fictional. Judge Judy, which is a real courtroom, is incredible, but Court Cam is a whole different perspective. Audiences are already clamoring for more from this brilliant show, and we’re right there with them. Which famous case do you want to see an episode of Court Cam take on? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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