10 Things You Didn’t Know about Beerus and Whis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Beerus and Whis

In almost every show ever made there are opposites that might exist on the same side or on opposing sides that are kind of like the Odd Couple in many ways, they compliment one another and yet they detract from each other as well. Beerus and Whis are both gods in the Dragon Ball universe and thus you can imagine that they’re both immensely powerful. The only thing is that one of them is a destroyer and the other is the one that keeps the first in check. Such a relationship in a universe like Dragon Ball doesn’t seem like it would make a lot of sense considering that a lot of characters tend to exist on their own or as part of a group. There are those that work in tandem but they’re not usually as opposed as these two when it comes to their purpose in life. In the entire Dragon Ball universe these two are kind of unique.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about them.

10. There’s a joke within their names.

Somehow the naming of Beerus got construed as his being named after beer so the creator decided to take it a little further and make his attendant named Whis, which is a play on whiskey. Beerus’ brother Champa is a shortened version of champagne, while Whis’ sister Vados is taken off of a type of brandy.

9. Whis is stronger than Beerus.

There’s a reason why Goku and Vegeta wanted to learn from Whis, as he is quite a bit more powerful than Beerus. A god of destruction would be thought to be one of the strongest people in all of Dragon Ball, but in truth Whis can put him down pretty easily.

8. Whis has a lot of jobs.

It’s not easy looking after a being that can destroy worlds with a temper tantrum and Whis has his hands full since he has to attend Beerus in a number of ways and keep him on the straight and narrow most times so as to not allow him to destroy entire worlds with but a whim and nothing else.

7. Whis usually has to clean up Beerus’ messes.

Beerus is a little bit impulsive to be in his position but since it’s not bound to change Whis is there to turn back time now and again to prevent Beerus from doing any permanent damage that can’t be undone. A guy that can sneeze and end a world probably makes a few pretty big messes.

6. Whis has thrown Beerus under the bus so to speak.

While Whis is not Beerus’ subordinate he’s not bound to order Beerus around either. He’s there to play attendant and clean up the mess when needs be. But that doesn’t mean he can’t rat Beerus out occasionally for not taking his duties as a destroyer seriously.

5. Whis really can’t sing.

There was only a short sample of his singing to be had and just the first few notes were bad enough that Beerus woke up quickly and didn’t allow Whis to keep singing. It’s bad enough that a god of destruction gets worn out and has to sleep so long, but waking him up with a voice like Whis’ seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

4. They’re both obsessed with food.

You know a figure shouldn’t have the kind of power they do when they judge whether a planet will live or die based on just one of the many culinary delights they have. The one thing about this however is what while Whis will throw Beerus under the bus for eating and sleeping too much he neglects to mention that he’s just as much of a foodie as Beerus is.

3. Their fusion is rather odd but very powerful.

The character Whirus, which is the fusion of these two, seems like he would be a very confused and tormented character unless one personality managed to take over. On the one hand he would have the force and power of an angel at his command, but with the propensity for destruction that comes with Beerus’ personality. That would be a very conflicted character indeed.

2. Beerus is just an assignment to Whis.

At the end of the day, even if they seem to go back and forth in their dialogue, Beerus is just another assignment for Whis to complete, a charge of sorts to look after and guide until he finally learns how to fully channel and control his destroyer powers. Beerus is for all intents and purposes not possessed of a great amount of self-control, and this is a big reason why Whis is there.

1. Beerus uses Whis as a mode of transportation.

Since Whis is powerful enough to traverse great distances in a short amount of time Beerus uses this as his personal tax system. Since Whis is technically Beerus’ keeper he kind of just goes with it.

This is the Dragon Ball version of the Odd Couple for certain.

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