10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zombie House Flipping

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zombie House Flipping

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zombie House Flipping
So, just to set your mind at ease, Zombie House Flipping has nothing to do with the supernatural, and it’s not an insane spinoff from The Walking Dead. Instead, this show is meant to showcase foreclosures that have been left to decay and rot after they’ve been seized by the bank and are in need of some major renovations. In some cases, it seems as though these houses are almost ready to collapse and, in some instances, might even crumble if one touches a certain spot. However, the truth is that some of these houses are quite beautiful and worth the effort of getting in and demolishing a few walls to create something that was probably once quite impressive. The only catch is that this isn’t always the simplest process, as, as mentioned, these homes are in desperate need of a gentle touch or a wrecking ball, depending on who you ask.

Here are some additional things you might not know about the show.

10. Zombie houses are not quite what you would expect.

These aren’t homes that are about to collapse in many cases, but rather ones that have been left to sit and remain uninhabited for a long while after a foreclosure. In many instances they might appear to be ready to fall down, but in fact they are quite sturdy.

9. There have been accusations that the show is fake.

This is par for the course when it comes to shows like this, as there’s a lot of the process that goes unseen on camera, making it easy to assume that what’s being shown is faked and not real. While there may be some truth to it, one should take the reality aspect with a large pinch of salt.

8. The show takes place in Florida.

Given the high level of humidity in some parts of this state, it’s not hard to find older homes that have been foreclosed and appear ideal for the purpose of the show. In fact, some of these houses could easily seem as if they’d fall apart if you sneezed too hard.

7. There is a lot of staging that goes on with this show.

Again, this is another part of any home show that is kind of expected, since an empty house doesn’t always sell as well as one that has been staged. But if you’re just talking about interior staging, then you’re missing part of the point, since a lot of this show seems to stage the actual process and doesn’t clearly explain how things really get done.

6. The numbers that are quoted often seem very inaccurate.

Many shows are upfront about the cost and what it will take to renovate a home, but where they differ is that unlike this show, those other programs will go into the contingency funds that are necessary to cover any unexpected costs that may arise. And on a show like this, it would appear that there would be plenty of these.

5. It would seem that the realtor does a lot of manual labor to get the home ready.

Usually you won’t see a realtor doing too much work unless they are at the lower end of the market and don’t have anyone else to rely on. Realtors tend to be those that will show you the home, provide information about it, and not get their hands as dirty as other professionals.

4. There are some serious mistakes that have been made by investors.

Some investors have made huge mistakes that have caused more damage to the home than was anticipated in the budget, likely due to poor judgment on their part. This is probably why a lot of people carefully guide their investors through projects like this and advise them not to touch anything.

3. Some houses are in pretty bad shape.

Seriously, some of these homes seem as if they might topple over if one were to lean too hard on a wall. But thankfully, most of them still have enough sturdy walls to really stand firm.

2. The neighbors seem to be pressed into service at times when it’s needed.

It is quite nice that the neighbors seem willing to help, but it’s also somewhat suspicious as to why they would come together like this when you don’t often see other groups utilizing this approach.

1. It really seems like one of the least credible home shows.

Not to be unkind, but this show does seem like it was something that someone put together hastily, without taking the time to do proper research.

It might be good for a few laughs.

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