10 Things You Didn’t Know about Zombie House Flipping

So just to set your mind at ease Zombie House Flipping has nothing to do with the supernatural and it’s not an insane spinoff from The Walking Dead. Instead what this show is meant to do is showcase foreclosures that have been left to molder and rot after they’ve been seized by the bank and are in need of some serious renovations. In some cases it seems as though these houses are about ready to fall down and in some instances might even crumble if one touches a certain spot. But the truth is that some of these houses are quite beautiful and are worth the effort of getting in and knocking down a few walls to recreate something that was likely once quite impressive. The only catch here is that doing this is not always the simplest process since, as it was mentioned, these houses are kind of in desperate need of a tender touch or a wrecking ball, depending on who you’re asking.

Here are a few things you might not know about the show.

10. Zombie houses are not quite what you would expect.

These aren’t homes that are about ready to fall down in many cases but they are homes that have been left to sit and remain uninhabited for a long while after a foreclosure. In many instances they might look like they’re ready to fall down but are in fact pretty sturdy.

9. There have been accusations that the show is fake.

This is kind of par for the course when it comes to shows such as this since there’s a lot of the process that people don’t see on camera and therefore it becomes very easy to say that it’s being faked and that nothing you see is real. There is some reality to it, but one has to take the reality aspect with a big grain of salt.

8. The show takes place in Florida.

Given the amount of humidity in some parts of this state it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to find older homes that have been foreclosed and look as though they might be perfect for the purpose of the show. In fact you can easily imagine that some of these houses do kind of look as though they might fall apart if you sneeze too hard.

7. There is a lot of staging that goes on with this show.

Again this is another part of any home show that is kind of expected since an empty house doesn’t always sell as well as one that’s been staged. But if you’re just talking about interior staging then you’re missing part of the point since a lot of this show seems as though it stages the actual process and doesn’t explain how things really get done.

6. The numbers that are quoted often seem very inaccurate.

Many shows are up front about the cost and what it’s going to take to renovate a home, but where they differ is that unlike this show those other programs will at least go into the contingency funds that need to exist in order to cover any unexpected costs that might crop up. And on a show like this it would seem that there would be plenty of these.

5. It would seem that the realtor does a lot of manual labor to get the home ready.

Usually you won’t see a realtor doing that much work unless they’re completely low end and don’t have anyone else to rely on. Realtors tend to be those that will show you the home, tell you about it, and not get their hands as dirty as anyone else.

4. There are some serious mistakes that have been made by investors.

Some investors have made huge mistakes that have caused more damage to the home that wasn’t in the budget and was due to poor judgment on their part. This is probably why a lot of people walk their investors through projects like this and perhaps tell them not to touch anything.

3. Some houses are in pretty bad shape.

Seriously, some of these homes seem as though they might push over if one were to lean too hard on a wall. But thankfully most of them do have enough solid walls left to really stand on their own.

2. The neighbors seem to be pressed into service at times when it’s needed.

It is kind of nice that the neighbors seem willing to help, but it’s also kind of suspect as to why they would pull together like this when you don’t see other shows employing this method all the time.

1. It really seems like one of the least credible home shows.

Not to be unkind, but this show does seem like it was something that someone thought would be a quick cash cow and didn’t really take the time to research.

It might be good for a laugh or two.

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