Could it Be Time for a Silk Stalkings Reboot?

Could it Be Time for a Silk Stalkings Reboot?

How many people remember the series Silk Stalkings? It’s a fair question to ask since the show hasn’t been seen in a pretty good amount of time and it’s one of the many crime shows that was prevalent at the time, not to mention that it was about crimes of passion, which one can easily assume meant that there was plenty of content that some folks might think was a little risque but still fit with the overall storyline. Bringing it back today might go one way or another, meaning it could be kind of cheesy and not live up to the original show or perhaps get a little too racy and require a listing on a streaming network that had looser restrictions on the kind of content that might be needed. Of course, if the show became all about the kind of relations that people are willing to watch it’s possible that the storylines might suffer for it unless of course the writers were skilled enough to add in this kind of material while making certain that the show was still the main point. It’s entirely possible that the series could be brought back, but one has to wonder if there would be enough of an interest in this day and this day and age since the era we currently live in is quite a bit different than it was when this show was still popular.

Sex does sell in a big way, but one has to remember that on its own it can be just fine as the main subject, but it’s only bound to last so long since as a story it could possibly work, but it would still need to include a good deal of drama and possibly a few other elements to really work. A crime drama needs to focus on the cases, the characters, and the overall story, while the sexualization of said characters can occur, but it shouldn’t be so prevalent that it would cause a massive disruption to the story. It’s not prudish to state that too much sexual content in a show could possibly ruin it, since there are plenty of shows and movies on the various streaming channels at this time that have included a fair to great amount of said content, and some of them have done well to keep such moments as a part of the story, but still confined in a way to that one moment without seeing fit to flood the overall story with the details of each encounter. In other words, there’s a time and place for everything, and the best writers are those that can write a love scene into the story without taking away from the narrative.

Should Silk Stalkings ever come back it’s fair to say that the original actors, if possible, should be able to make a cameo or perhaps take on a ‘passing of the torch’ moment since it would be only fair considering that handing the show off to capable hands should be done by those that helped to make it great in the first place. This is true of any program or movie idea that’s been passed down from one actor to another, as it’s a sign of respect and an unspoken promise that those taking over will do what they can to take care of the story and bring something new to the audience. Whether such a thing would work with this series is difficult to tell given that it’s been a while and getting people to remember the original show might take some doing since things have moved pretty quickly since it went off the air. It’s always possible, especially since the trend at this point is to bring back old ideas, which is continuing to make a lot of people wonder whether Hollywood has enough new ideas to keep pushing forward or if they’re bound to eventually bring back as much as they possibly can in order to give people the kind of entertainment they’re wanting. It’s still kind of confusing to think that people are wanting the kind of material that many of them might have thought was passe and a bit lame not too long ago.

There are quite a few movies and shows from back in the day that a lot of people would love to see come back, but bringing back everyone that made such programs and movies great isn’t always possible for one reason or another. If Silk Stalkings was brought back it would be yet another idea in a long list of them that folks are apparently willing to take a look at. But if it does happen then it’s going to likely need an entirely new cast, which might take some time to compile. Nostalgia is a big trend lately.

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