Corey Feldman Getting Almost Zero Support Even after Dropping Names of Abusers

Before the stories of sexual abuse started coming out about Harvey Weinstein, Corey Feldman received a fair amount of attention from the media for speaking out about the sexual abuse of children throughout much of the entertainment industries. At that time, Feldman was reluctant to name names, citing concerns that he would become the target of lawsuits because of the statute of limitations in the state of California. However, seeing the furious response to the stories of sexual abuse about not just Harvey Weinstein but also a number of other major figures in Hollywood seems to have made him more comfortable about speaking out, as shown by the fact that he has started naming names.

Who Has Corey Feldman Named?

Feldman went on The Today Show on October 30. There, he raised some eyebrows by claiming that he would name the full list of names once he had managed to raise $10 million for what he said would be the production of a movie that would tell the story of what had happened. Feldman did name Marty Weiss, a talent manager who specialized in representing children, but Feldman had already named Marty Weiss in the memoir called Coreyography that had come out in 2013. The whole incident resulted in a somewhat heated exchange with Matt Lauer, who wanted Feldman to name names sooner rather than later because of Feldman’s claim that one of the people who abused him was still a powerful figure in Hollywood, which has caused a lot of people to be concerned about whether such incidents are still happening in the present.

Regardless, Feldman started naming additional names when he went on Dr. Oz on November 2 and November 14. The first time, Feldman named John Grissom, who had been his one-time personal assistance who had some small parts in a number of his movies. The second time, Feldman named Alphy Hoffman, the son of a powerful casting director in the 1980s who invited a lot of children to parties with minimal parental supervision. Besides these three names, Feldman has stated that he suspects three more people of having abused children. However, he is fearful of naming one of them because they are an A-lister, who he fears will come after him. According to Feldman, part of the reason that he wants to raise the $10 million is so that he can hire lawyers as well as a security team to protect himself from potential retaliation.

Has Corey Feldman Gotten Much Support?

So far, Feldman has not gotten much support for his proposed movie, which is raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign. With that said, Feldman has said that he has spoken with the LAPD, revealing the names that he knew to them. This has been confirmed by the LAPD, which stated that it had started looking into the information that Feldman provided them. Something that should come as welcome news to a lot of people. Besides this, Feldman has shared some thoughts about how people could start cleaning up Hollywood in the wake of everything that has been revealed, which can be summed up as a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of sexual misconduct from anyone involved in the entertainment industries. Something that more than a few people are probably agreeing with considering the stories that have been coming out in recent weeks.

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