What has Ki Hong Lee Been Up to Since “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?”

It’s only been a couple of years since his stint on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but Ki Hong Lee hasn’t been resting on his laurels since then. In fact he’s been pretty busy even during his run on the show and has been racking up credits in a fairly steady fashion. You won’t find his name appearing like a rash over the internet or on TV or in films, but he’s been plenty busy since assuming the role on Kimmy Schmidt and after. His acting career seems to have slowed down just for the moment but it’s still very much in effect and is still moving forward. There’s no telling, unless the celebrities reveal it, just what prompts a person to move forward at a rapid pace and then lay back for a bit to accept one part here or there. But the important part is that they’re still on the scene and still very much involved with their success. Ki Hong Lee has been tearing it up during the show and after.

Here’s a few clips just to prove that he hasn’t been idle.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

A lot of people might have thought that Maze Runner, the first movie, was all there was going to be. Of course those are the people that didn’t know the whole story and possibly thought it would just be an interesting movie with a decidedly evil twist. But after the original movie the story just kept going until finally it’s come to this point, where the Flare, a deadly disease that has almost wiped out a good portion of humanity, has finally met its match in a cure that has been developed. The only problem is that as you might imagine the two opposing sides that want it for their own reasons will do anything to get it and keep it. Minho, Lee’s character, is for a good portion of the movie kept under wraps and tortured in order to find a way to create a lasting cure that can get rid of the disease. Eventually he’s rescued by his friends, but a great deal is lost and there seems to be more fighting to come since the movie was still left fairly open in some ways. It might be the end of the series, but we’ll see.

Wish Upon

Wish Upon is the kind of horror movie that could have gotten a lot more play had it done something just a little different, but the story itself is pretty good. It’s the execution that made it feel somehow disjointed, as though the movie itself was a little too cerebral for its own good. The idea of a music box housing the spirit of a demon that will grant so many wishes but take its due for each one is a twisted tale that can send a chill down a lot of people’s spines. But apart from that it seems as though this movie kind of suffered from lack of exposure, not enough clarity, and possibly not enough realistic dialogue. The idea is great, but the process that made it come together just felt kind of jumbled. If there was ever a remake of this movie it would be wise to watch it from front to end just o avoid making the same mistakes that didn’t allow it to become anything huge like it could have been. Great idea, poor execution.

The Mayor

This is about what it sounds like, a fight for the mayor’s spot that includes everything from slandering the opposition to people up and leaving the campaign trail when their bosses prove to be the stereotypes that politicians have been made out to be. The sad thing is that this film kind of indicates just how things go down in politics and it seems that this is the reality that we deal with on a regular basis. To call it sensationalism would be inaccurate since the idea of politicians acting in their own self-interest and thinking nothing of the people that they’re supposed to be serving is all too real when you look at it. But when someone on the campaign is seen doing something that could seriously damage the chances of the person running just for being attached to them it comes an even bigger mess since some opponents won’t back down and will do whatever it takes to make sure that the public sees their opposition as nothing more than the bottom of the barrel when it comes to their character.

As you can see Ki Hong Lee has been fairly busy since his run with Kimmy Schmidt, and isn’t really lacking for work. The chances are pretty good in fact that he’ll be sticking around for a while and will prove to be an even better actor than he’s already been.

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