Compilation of Jim Carrey Mocking Movies and Actors in His Movies

Back in Jim Carrey’s cinematic heyday he was not only known for being over the top and doing the kind of comedy no one had ever done before, he was/is also an incredible impressionist.   Dating all the way back to his stand up days, Carrey has perfected a number of celebrities and added them to his repertoire.  As Carrey grew in fame he and his directors found a way to include those impressions in the movies he was starring in.

I’m surprised no one has put together this compilation before, but recently many if not all of the moments that Carrey is mocking movies and actors within his own movies have been recut into one massive clip that I’ll be sharing with you today.  I must say this.  If there’s one guy in comedy that I “miss” it’s most definitely Jim Carrey.  I really wish the guy would do a Netflix special.

Enjoy the clip below:

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