A Cobra Kai Prank With A Karate Kid Who Chops A Motorcycle In Two

With Cobra Kai almost out this prank that was set up with a karate kid that chops a motorcycle in two is pretty funny and well-timed. Given that the whole story is about standing up for yourself and being tougher than one’s opponent this prank was devised with nothing but hilarity in mind. However, if you look at the reactions of those that are standing around that are not actors and not in on the prank you get the feeling that somehow people are believing what they’re seeing. This could be a testament to how much Hollywood has really come to influence the thinking of individuals, but it could also hopefully be taken as a bit of fun at the expense of people’s beliefs.

Obviously no one can chop a motorcycle in half with one hit, and there isn’t likely a person in this world strong enough to kick over a lightpost or knock the top off of a fire hydrant without some serious help. But with enough rigging you can apparently make enough people think that the impossible has just happened, and that someone out there is capable of doing the things that Hollywood has somehow made possible on the big screen. Just to reiterate, no one is this strong or so powerful that they can accomplish these feats, so the fact that some of these people are reacting the way they do is kind of expected but also a bit ridiculous. As a promotional prank for Cobra Kai though it seems adequate and at least. Of course if it’s all a giant goof and everyone was in on it then it’s a great promo since it would have the desired effect of getting people interested, especially when Ralph Macchio shows up at the end.

People have been waiting for Cobra Kai ever since it was mentioned that a follow-up to Karate Kid would be coming, though no one had any idea about just what form it was going to take until just a little bit ago. So far it really seems like the roles are going to be reversed somewhat, with Daniel being the guy that’s well off and has everything going for him, while Johnny is the guy that’s down and out and in sore need of something in his life that can get him back on track. Unfortunately reinstating the Cobra Kai doesn’t seem like the best idea to Daniel, and you can imagine why. Given that Johnny and his fellow Cobra Kai made his life miserable when he moved into their area you can imagine why Daniel wouldn’t want to see the dojo come back. But Johnny obviously needs something, and he feels that the kids of this new generation need something, so he’s more than willing to stand up and teach them what they need to know.

It’s going to be interesting to see just what happens when two of the biggest rivals in any movie finally collide once again. But the build-up to such a confrontation is going to be even better no doubt.

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