Five Predictions We’re Making About Cobra Kai Season 2

Five Predictions We’re Making About Cobra Kai Season 2

Five Predictions We’re Making About Cobra Kai Season 2

The first season of Cobra Kai hit like a nostalgic bomb for a lot of us and the fallout was that many fans, old and new, were simply floored with what we got, in the best way possible of course. Cobra Kai opened up a whole new idea that Johnny, despite being a jerk in the first movie, was not wholly responsible for his attitude no matter that it was in fact a choice. He didn’t have the easiest time at home and needed someone to lash out at, or at least try to understand him. Instead he found John Kreese, an egotist that taught him how to hurt people and little else. Cobra Kai has opened Johnny up as a character instead of a stereotypical villain and has given us something to think about since Daniel came out as a rather big jerk in the first season despite the fact that he too found himself and started wising up by the end. It’s going to be a clash between Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai, that prediction is a given.

Here are a few other predictions that will hopefully come to light.

5. Kreese is going to wreak havoc with the Cobra Kai.

If Kreese is allowed to take part in Johnny’s current class, and from a writer’s standpoint this doesn’t seem to be avoidable, then he’s going to make things worse since his idea of fighting is to hit first and then hit again and perhaps ask a question or two when the other person is unconscious. Kreese isn’t the kind of guy to coddle or even teach, he demands that his students listen and obey and anything else is simply weakness. Putting him back in with the Cobra Kai is going to be one of the most destructive steps taken in this series, and yet it will increase the interest since people want to see the Cobra Kai since it’s been doing a bit of good for some of the students.

4. Johnny might actually work against Kreese

Keep in mind that Johnny and Kreese didn’t part under the greatest of circumstances. The last time we saw them together Kreese was choking the life out of Johnny before Mr. Miyagi came to the rescue. To think that Johnny would just welcome the guy back into his life without a fight of some sort would be lazy writing, and so far it doesn’t seem as though the writers of this series are interested in doing anything halfway. To see Johnny and Kreese go at it would be kind of anticlimactic it would seem, but it also seems as though Kreese would take him apart again, but not before Johnny reminded him that he wasn’t a kid anymore.

3. Miguel and Robbie are going to continue to have issues with each other.

This bit of conflict doesn’t seem to be ready to go away and that’s great. The only way it could fall apart is if Miguel comes to realize just what he stands to lose since he’s now the same kind of jerk that he used to despise. It would actually be kind of amusing if he woke up and realized just how much he’d changed and decided to either bring this up with Johnny or even switch sides and train with Daniel instead. There’s so many different ways this next season could go that it’s hard to imagine that anything is going to be completely stable from the start. Allegiances might actually change eventually it would seem.

2. The obvious love triangle between Miguel, Robbie, and Samantha is going to intensify.

It’s not really certain whether Robbie and Samantha might be seen as a couple, especially with Robbie’s already spotty past. But Miguel is no doubt still going to want to be with Samantha, and so long as Robbie is around and their issues remain unresolved it’s likely that Miguel is going to see Robbie as a rival. The funny thing however would be if Samantha just acted fed up with both of them and went her own way, as women in this day and age don’t always want men fighting over them, as this is seen as childish and immature. Things have certainly changed since the original film. Oh wait, no they didn’t, because the young woman in the original film didn’t want to be seen as a prize either.

1. Daniel and Johnny are going to come to an understanding finally.

They might not like each other and it might be that they never will, but Daniel and Johnny have at least come to an understanding as to who they both are. Johnny had a rough life, Daniel had a rough life, and in short they both just made each other’s lives that much harder growing up. But one thing is certain, Daniel understands Johnny a lot better now, and it’s fair to say that he no longer blames Johnny for anything, but he doesn’t particularly like him either. It almost feels as though the two are working towards a tenuous peace by the end of the series.

Bring on season 2.

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