Claws Season 4 Episode 10: “Mercy” Recap

After a particularly dark season, Claws Season 4, Episode 10 was the finale to four long seasons of drama, crime, love, and of course stunning nails. After Desna found out that Tony was a federal agent and he had the drop on all of her illegal activity, we didn’t know how Desna was going to make out of this jam unscathed. Bryce accidentally killing Tony in his truck in Claws Season 4, Episode 9 sure didn’t make things any better. If we know Desna, then we know that she’ll always figure out a plan to protect herself and the people that she loves. Desna and Quiet Ann spent the entire season beefing. Any hope that we had of the former best friends reconciling was thrown out the window after Ann rejected Desna’s apology and made a deal with the DEA to deliver Desna in exchange for her immunity. It turns out that it was all a ploy. Even though Ann was Desna’s muscle for years, she was also the only other brain when it came to their operation. After all, when we first met Ann she was coming home after doing a bid in prison. Desna and Ann finally making up and becoming friends again was like a breath of fresh air. But we didn’t know that Desna and Quiet Ann reconciled until all their tricks were revealed.

After Desna shot Uncle Daddy in the head, killing him in Bryce’s defense, she had Polly forge a suicide note where he supposedly confesses to Tony’s murder. Surprisingly, the police bought Uncle Daddy’s silly confession. It could be that they were just relieved to have Palmetto’s most notorious criminal off the board. Now that Uncle Daddy is out of the way, the DEA can focus solely on getting Desna and taking down her operation. Desna might seem untouchable, but that just leaves the rest of her crew vulnerable. Things come to a head when Virginia is arrested for Georgia’s murder. Thanks to the traffic cameras installed on the bridge, the cops were able to obtain footage of the night Georgia was killed. Still riddled with guilt from killing her friend, Virginia breaks and ends up confessing to the murder. Virginia was always the weakest link so it’s not surprising that she folds under pressure.

Quiet Ann visits Virginia in jail and it’s quite weird to see her in an orange jumpsuit but she has accepted her fate. Virginia’s character has evolved so much over the last few years and she deserves a better future. Even though it would be easier to leave Virginia behind, Desna vowed to protect her and she delivers on her promise. Ken and Confetta disguise themselves as ICE agents and are able to obtain custody of Virginia without so much as a phone call to verify their story or having to fill out any paperwork. Even though their plan was cheesy and quite believable, it worked and that’s all that matters. Without Tony’s testimony, the DEA’s investigation is on life support and they double down on Ann to get them the information they need so she led them to Uncle Daddy and the suicide note that they foolishly bought without asking what Clay had to gain by killing Tony.

Everything was falling into place. Polly finally gained access to the millions of dollars in the offshore accounts that the baron left behind to her. Now the crew had all the funds they needed for their great escape. Polly used her new wealth to make things right with Ken by buying him a medical practice so that he could go fully legit which has been his goal all season. Jenn is determined to stay in Palmetto because she refuses to leave her girls behind. However, if she stays behind she’s at risk of getting indicted which means that she may never get her children back. When Bryce suggests that they come back for the girls she nearly loses it. Polly uses her big bag of money to get the girls back from EJ. Desna breaks the news to Dean that she won’t be seeing her one last time before the crew escapes. Now that Dean has a child on the way, he’s created an independent life of his own and it’s time that he soars his wings. Desna and Quiet Ann hatched a plan to fake their death in front of the DEA agents. It works! The whole gang sails off to Cuba under new identities.  At the end of the show, we get a two-month update on the gang and their living peacefully on a beautiful resort. Thanks to the pandemic, the final season of Claws wasn’t given the amount of promotion it deserved and a lot of people didn’t know that the show was back on air after nearly a two year break.

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