Supernatural Photo Preview Season 7 Episode 15 – Repo Men

Supernatural Photo Preview Season 7 Episode 15 – Repo Men

Poor Sam. Supernatural seems determined to drive the youngest Winchester crazy before the end of the season. In the upcoming February 10 episode, the boys investigate a case where childhood fears come to life. Naturally, that means that Sam will have to face one of his biggest fears: clowns (view photos for the episode).
But in the February 17 episode of Supernatural, Sam’s fears are once again explored. The episode, titled “Repo Men”, takes us into a previously unseen case from the Winchesters past. Four years ago, the brothers investigated a case where a demon was killing women in a small town. At the time, they had helped a woman named Nora (guest star Nicole Oliver) exorcise this demon, who was possessing the body of a postal worker named Jeffrey (guest star Russell Sams). Fast forward to present time, when the demon has returned for a second go-around. But the boys need more information, so they visit Jeffrey, who was deeply affected by being possessed and has spent the last four years in a psych ward. Can he help them figure out the demon’s plans?
How is Sam in particular affected by revisiting this case? Well, the “demons” that he has managed to keep at bay so far return. In particular, Sam once again has visions of Lucifer, who is tormenting Sam with memories of Hell and tying to convince him that his reality is not actually real.
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