Chicago Fire Review: Casey v. Severide, Round 7

Chicago Fire

Get ready for the rise of an old Chicago Fire feud. Every once in awhile Severide and Casey’s old feuding nature flares up. It will never get as bad as it did in the first season, but the two are such opposites on so many things that their personalities are tailor made for clashing. Everyone else in the house can put their issues to bed by the time shift is over, but there’s something about the ever present underlying tension between Casey and Severide which will always be a factor in the house. It’s the price to be paid for having two strong firehouse leaders who take their jobs so seriously it becomes personal.

Herrmann is fit to be tied when the house is tagged. The good news is the graffiti isn’t gang-related, as they know better than to tag the house. Cleaning the words off does little to improve Herrmann’s mood. The only thing that does that is catching the little punk, which he does. The kid’s already acting way too tough for his young age of 12, so Herrmann tries to get through to the kid by giving him an official Firehouse t-shirt. Herrmann may have been projecting a bit of his nerves over his eldest son growing up. Boden is in a tougher spot with his son. Little Terrence is just fine, except for being a night owl like his Dad. Boden’s stepson James is another story. Their relationship was never the same after the divorce. Now James is 17 and won’t respond to anything but a text. Surprisingly, James does one better than a text. He shows up at his father’s home for a visit.

Trudy’s publisher friend comes through for Mouch and Brett’s book. The man offers them a sweet book deal, which is almost immediately threatened when Brett accidentally leaves a copy of the book in the house’s copy machine. Connie finds the book and has no choice to show Boden. Publishing the book would violate the firehouse’s Code of Conduct, so the deal is dead. The only people who will read the book are Trudy’s friends in the book club she put together. At least they’re impressed and thoroughly entertained. While Brett can’t fix her own situation, she can help one of her patients who was hurt and is now a laughing stock after his attempt to ask for a Homecoming date goes horribly wrong. Brett probably never thought she’d be at a high school dance ever again, but she certainly raises the kid’s social status.

When Firehouse 51 responds to an apartment fire, Severide has to drag a husband out of the home away from his wife Kara. Casey and Herrmann are so close to saving the her, but they just can’t reach the wife in time. Later Kara’s sister comes by the house accusing her brother-in-law of purposely setting the fire because they were having marital problems. Casey is willing to keep an open mind about the accusation, but Severide is resolute that the husband’s distress was real. The facts against Darren, the husband, aren’t great. That is until Severide gets involved, finding proof that Darren wasn’t home when the fire started. This doesn’t convince Casey that the husband still isn’t responsible somehow. Since the city’s fire investigations can’t resolutely prove that Darren set the fire, Casey is going to take it upon himself to do so. Here we go again with another Casey v. Severide match.

Who do you think is right in this particular instance, Casey or Severide?

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 5 Review: "I Held Her Hand"


Chicago Fire‘s original Casey and Severide feud is reignited on a murky arson investigation.

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