20 Celebrities Who Hate Why They’re Famous

20 Celebrities Who Hate Why They’re Famous

20 Celebrities Who Hate Why They’re Famous

We have seen many a celebrity come and go, and for the most part, you would think that the majority of these famous figures and socialites would like the fame and publicity that comes with their status. For the most part, yes, many of these celebrities that we see in the tabloids day in and day out do like their lives and what brought them this fame. However, there are a group of celebrities today that absolutely hate why they became famous in the first place, and continue to dislike the fame as the years go on. In this article, we are going to count down twenty of these celebrities today that strongly dislike the reasons why they are famous and in the public eye, and why they have come to feel this way while in the limelight. With that said, let’s get started with our count down.

Megan Fox

Sometimes, the reasons why celebrities exit the limelight for a hiatus is caused by a feud or two with people involved in the film as well. This was the case for Megan Fox, who’s career began to rise when she starred in the Transformers franchise films. However, during production, there was chaos behind the scenes as Megan Fox got into a nasty feud with the film’s director, Michael Bay. She has been stated for disliking Bay’s reputation as well as his treatment of her during production in general, even referring to him as Hitler every now and then in interviews. The two have seemingly buried the hatchet of their feud in recent years, and Megan Fox made a comeback starring in the reboot of the film ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, which was subsequently produced by Michael Bay also.

Vanessa Hudgens

Disney stars are often the ones who tend to hate the roles that rocket them to stardom and work within the entertainment industry, as it can be difficult for them to outgrow that status that they portrayed. This is the same case for Vanessa Hudgens, who we were first introduced to when she starred in the ‘High School Musical’ film series that aired on Disney Channel. She has stated that she doesn’t like the attention that comes with the fame, and has also had a hard time shedding that innocent, happy go lucky Disney persona that she carried for so many years. We guess that’s what happens when you play adolescents on a television network.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has definitely had many ups and downs, twists and turns throughout her career, and it all began with an innocent role on Disney with Hannah Montana. Needless to say, Miley Cyrus has grown to absolutely hate Hannah Montana, and the persona that she had to pretend to be for so many years and eventually outgrow in the public eye. She disliked that Disney made audiences believe that to be a pop star, you have to have the perfect blonde hair and teeth and everything else in the mix. She even went so far as to announce that Hannah Montana was “murdered” when she hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’. After her stint on Disney, Cyrus did everything in her power to show off her real personality, whether it be through the use of drugs or inappropriate actions at award shows. Nowadays, Miley Cyrus has turned a new leaf yet again, and has toned down her once crazy life to get back to reality. All we can say is, Rest in Peace, Hannah Montana.

Kate Winslet

This is a surprising one on the list, as we continue to see Kate Winslet in several different blockbuster hits as the years have gone on, including one of her first record setting films, ‘Titanic’, in 1997. However, it was her role as Rose in ‘Titanic’ that she is not so fond of even two decades after it was released. It seems as though the famed actress was just not so keen on her acting performance of the film in general, including things like her American accent and other nuances that she did during filming. She has even gone so far as to begin disliking the theme song of the movie, which is ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion. On the other hand, Winslet gained one of her greatest and longest loving friendships from that movie, and that is with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The love that we see between these two inspires us all, and either way, ‘Titanic’ will always be treasured in the hearts of many.

Blake Lively

Many know Blake Lively for her role on ‘The Traveling Pants’, and of course, for her role on the hit series ‘Gossip Girl’. However, it is her role as Serena on ‘Gossip Girl’ that she is not so fond of now years later. She has said that she feels the her character portrayed the wrong message to viewers, and that she didn’t always agree with the messages that were being broadcast all over the world. Although this role boosted her in the entertainment industry, helping her to get many different diverse roles, she has worked diligently to distance herself from Serena van der Woodsen. Honestly, we don’t think its been that difficult for her to distance herself from that role, as she has been working to become a leading lady in Hollywood.

Daniel Radcliffe

If you don’t recognize the name Daniel Radcliffe, you have clearly been living under a rock for quite some time. The Harry Potter franchise is one of the highest grossing franchises that we have seen, and the films truly are fantastic. However, Radcliffe has been known to say that he does not want to participate in any more blockbuster hits any time soon, and doesn’t necessarily like the fame that came with Harry Potter. Whatever the case, we can’t imagine a world without Harry Potter.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is another actor that we have seen in numerous huge film roles that have boosted his career exponentially over the years. However, it was one of his earlier roles that he often regrets nowadays, and that role was in the 1992 musical film ‘Newsies’. He has stated that he dislikes the role because when he was seventeen, he wanted to be taken seriously, and not be in a musical. That need for respect at that young age made taking the role a bit of a downer for the now critically acclaimed actor, but time heals all wounds, right?

Dave Chappelle

It is no surprise that Dave Chappelle has made our list. In case you aren’t aware, Chappelle famously quite his successful comedic series ‘Chappelle’s Show’ halfway through its third season because he was sick of the fame and the public eye and scrutiny that was always on him. However, after a five year hiatus from Hollywood, Dave Chappelle made his return to the limelight. He has stated that being famous is somewhat addictive in a way, like something that you can’t pass up.

Angus T. Jones

Everyone remembers the controversy that happened with Angus T. Jones when it came to his hit series ‘Two and a Half Men’. The once famed star blew up news and media outlets everywhere when he announced that he had become very religious, and sent a lot of backlash on the show that helped him rise to the stardom and fame that he had. He was caught stating during that time that he was on the show, and didn’t want to be on it. He was also seen telling viewers to stop watching the show because it was ‘filth’. Ouch. Needless to say, we don’t see much of Angus T. Jones anymore on the silver screen, or any screen for that matter, after his severe outbursts regarding his beliefs.

Robert Pattinson

We all know him as the vampire who won the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, but Robert Pattinson has never been one to shy away from his dislike of the role that shot him to stardom. His distaste for the character of Edward Cullen doesn’t only limit itself to the film productions, but also the books written by Stephenie Meyer herself. He even went so far as to say that the character and the books seemed more like a sexual fantasy for the author than anything else, especially since the books were based off of a dream that Meyer had one night. Whatever the case, Pattinson has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be in anymore teenage heartthrob blockbusters in the near future.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has become one of the most versatile and iconic actors in recent years, having hit after hit, and pertaining to several different audiences as well. However, before Wahlberg became the actor that he is today, he went by another name — Marky Mark. As part of the band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, which took over the music industry from 1991 to 1993, he rose to fame with hits such as ‘Good Vibrations’. The band eventually broke up in 1993 because of Wahlberg’s interest in acting, and he has been caught stating that he was embarrassed of that time he spent as Marky Mark. He has said in interviews that he thought he was cool at the time, but now he feels as though he was the complete opposite. In either case, we still love you Marky Mark!

Shaliene Woodley

In recent years, we have seen actress Shaliene Woodley take quite a stance on many public platforms that follow her beliefs. Needless to say, these beliefs that she has didn’t exactly quite align with her breakout role on the ABC Family series ‘The Secret Life Of The American Teenager’, which had a storyline that just continued to fizzle as the series dragged on. She felt that it just wasn’t appropriate for her to be projecting these themes that were being broadcast to millions of fans and audiences while the show was on air. However, the show did land her many other film projects as the years went on, and she is now a household name in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has been in the entertainment industry and in Hollywood for quite some time now, starring in small films and small roles here and there. Her career essentially took off with her role as Bella in the ‘Twilight’ series, where she starred opposite her once boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. They two connected with their mutual dislike for fame and all it entails, and Stewart has been known to say that fame is pointless, and there is no reason to want to be famous in general.

Carrie Fisher

Best known for her role as Princess Leia on the original ‘Star Wars’ franchise, the late Carrie Fisher rose to stardom swiftly from their on out. However, Fisher was not to keen on how she rose to fame in the first place. In her one woman show, entitled ‘Wishful Drinking’ Fisher stated that ‘George Lucas had ruined her life, and I mean that in the nicest way possible’. She felt this way because she wasn’t so keen on how her face was being used to sell thousands and thousands of products of Star Wars merchandise. She also felt that the role ended up oversexualizing her as the films progressed in the franchise, and felt that in entirety, in turned her into the sex symbol that she didn’t really want to be. This dislike even expanded to the famous Leia braids, which she felt made her face too round the majority of the time. Either way, it is clear that the late, great Carrie Fisher just wasn’t an overall fan of the franchise that made her a household name.

Thomas F. Wilson

Thomas F. Wilson has never formally said or stated anything that would make anyone believe that he disliked his role in the ‘Back to the Future’ series of films, but in this case, actions speak louder than words. After getting approached with various insane and distasteful questions regarding the film, Wilson decided to take action. Now, if he is ever approached to do any interviews or anything of the sort, he gives the interviewer a set of pre written out frequently asked questions that are allowed to be asked. It might be a bit of far reach to make sure to avoid any insanity, but if it makes him feel better about the role or an interview, then kudos to him.

Jake Lloyd

We will see a few ‘Star Wars’ actors and actresses make this list, and all for very different reasons. Another actor who has shown disappointment in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise is that of Jake Lloyd, who at the age of eight landed his role of Anakin Skywalker in the ‘Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’ film. In some interviews, Lloyd has stated that he was disappointed in George Lucas, feeling that he didn’t meet the standards that should have been met when it came to the franchise itself. He also revealed that he was bullied significantly for playing the role on the hit franchise, where kids would make fun of him daily. The bullying and disappointment ultimately led to Lloyd quitting acting altogether.

Daniel Craig

A very sophisticated and well renowned actor in his own league, Daniel Craig has taken on the role as Bond, James Bond. The actor has also revealed that he has tried everything in his power to not be involved with the James Bond franchise films that were released in recent years, even right after he had agreed to it in the first place. Although he doesn’t give a clear reason as to why, he is now obligated by contract to completely a few more films in the franchise in coming years. He obviously still would like to get out of it eventually, and has wanted to since he signed the dotted line years ago. It makes you wonder what it would be like if he wasn’t 007, and who would have stepped up to the role in that case.

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

Everyone who is anyone knows the names of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, as they skyrocketed their fame in the 1990s and early 2000s in several different merchandise and productions in Hollywood. Their first role was on the hit series ‘Full House’, which they were on from the time they were infants. As the twins continued to age and grow their empire, it became very clear that they wanted to head out of the limelight that was Hollywood, and instead turned their sights to the fashion industry. They have put their ‘Full House’ experience behind them full force, even turning down appearances on the reboot of the series that airs on Netflix called ‘Fuller House’. They are the only original cast members from ‘Full House’ who hasn’t made any appearances on the new series. Obviously many fans are upset by this lack of appearance, as reboots have become all the rage the past year, but if they want to be out of the spotlight, then let them, right?

Alec Guinness

Another ‘Star Wars’ actor to make the list, the late Alec Guinness, is widely known for his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and although this film is not one that set his acting career onto course, it is the role that he often regrets taking. He disliked the film and the role so much because he felt that the dialogue between characters was poorly written by the writers at the time. In fact, he disliked the film and role so much that he was one of the first to say that Obi-Wan should be killed off during one of the later films. Furthermore, as the film series has continued to grow in popularity, and be rekindled with new reboots in recent years, Guinness’s dislike for it has only continued to grow gradually. Guinness unfortunately passed away in 2000 at the age of 86. Who knew that the ‘Star Wars’ franchise could have such an effect on so many actors in the industry?

Crispin Glover

Many fans all over will recognize Glover for his role as Marty McFly’s father in the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. However, Crispin Glover himself did not feel as loving of the role that has him so recognized to this day. It wasn’t necessarily the role that had him hating the fame, but rather the first ‘Back to the Future’ film itself. He has stated that he didn’t like the ending of the film, in which it portrays an alternate universe where the McFly’s are rich and Marty gets a brand new vehicle. He felt as though this was a bad message to send to the audience and to viewers during that time, and even spoke to the director regarding his concerns. The controversy during that time led to lawsuits as well after Universal and the production crew on the second installment of the franchise attempted to make another actor look like Glover by using prosthetics. Either way, Crispin Glover was left with a bad taste in his mouth after this film role.

There are obviously many other actors and actresses in our world today who find that the fame and glory that comes with acting in the entertainment industry isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. They find struggles finding their own identity, and finding the roles that match their beliefs, roles that make them feel proud and like they are being taken as serious actors and actress in the business. It can be a difficult pill to swallow for some of these individuals, as the limelight can be a fierce and dominant place to be. In either case, we have counted down twenty of these famed celebrities who have come to hate the roles that made them the famous figures that they are today. We hope that you have enjoyed our count down, and that maybe you will watch some of these films that inspire so much dislike for these actors and actresses that we have come to know throughout the years. Thanks for reading!

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