Whatever Happened to Stephanie Beacham?

One thing a lot of people might not know about Stephanie Beacham is that her original plan when making her way into the world was teach deaf children how to dance. That might sound as though it comes right out of left field somewhere but it’s the truth. What’s also the truth however is that she eventually went into modeling and soon after that went into acting, so any chance at teaching as she wanted to do kind of went out the window as her career took off at one point and she kept moving forward. Having been born deaf in her right ear and possessing only 80 percent hearing in her left the whole idea of teaching dance movements to deaf children kind of comes into focus a little more, especially since she might have had to learn how to really focus on what people around her were saying as she grew up and entered the business. The acting industry after all is a place where people have to be able to listen to and understand their cues so as to put on the best show they can, so it’s easy to think that Stephanie didn’t always have the best time of it. To this day though she’s made a career that she obviously still cares something about since she’s still around and still acting at this time.

Looking at current photographs one could say that the aging actress, who’s now in her 70s, has weathered the years quite nicely and has amassed enough of a fortunate that working isn’t exactly necessary any longer, which could explain the few breaks in her filmography. Of course it could be that getting older could be taking its toll at times since some folks do want to take it a bit easier once they hit a certain age and their body doesn’t recover nearly as quick. But given that her net worth is around $25 million it’s easy to think that she’s had a good time rising to such a spot in her life where the money is already there and could possibly remain if it’s continually invested in a way that would make life continue along its comfortable route. Some might wonder just how she managed to reach that mark but if you look at her resume it’s a bit obvious that she’s been a busy woman for the past few decades and she hasn’t been all that idle. There is one thing in Hollywood that doesn’t change from one generation to the next, and that’s the fact that if an actor wants to get paid they’re going to have to hustle to find someone willing to hire them. Some actors do have the luxury of being sought out by various directors simply because they’re a hot commodity at the moment, but many upon many still need to get out and audition or find parts that they believe are perfect for them.

It’s true that her resume does have a lot of TV movies and shows that a good number of people might know nothing about, but given how long she’s been in the business and all that she’s done to this point it’s fair to say that there are a lot of people that would remember her if their memory was jogged by mentioning some old movies and shows from the past. Hollywood moves fast, obviously, and it doesn’t slow down for those that can’t keep up. But the great thing is that it also has different levels, each one with its own pace and a need for those that can still fill a role when and wherever they can. Saying it like that might make it sound as though Stephanie and those that were popular in the past are washed up and will take just anything, but that’s pretty far from the truth since no matter who you are, acting is still a fairly demanding job when it comes to convincing a director that you’re right for a role and that you can still hack it after so long. Without disrespect to any of the actors that came before the current era, a lot of people would likely say that they’re just not on the same level as the A-listers that reside in the top spots as of now. But funnily enough, a lot of those A-listers would actually credit their success to the presence of the individuals that came before them, people like Stephanie that helped pave the way for the new and current actors that have lit up the screen. Those that occupy the lower levels of Hollywood at this point might be seen as less talented, but never make the mistake of thinking they’re worthless, since quite often they’re worth remembering since they were the ones inspiring the actors of today at one point.

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