The Legends of ‘Pokémon’ 

The Legends of ‘Pokémon’ 

Credit: Pokémon

The show that introduced the 90’s kids to anime, Pokémon is an eternal media franchise that gets the credit for the countless childhood memories of children worldwide. It all started in Japan by Satoshi Tajiri, who created the franchise in 1996. The character is an abbreviation for Pocket Monsters and is the name given to several fictional creatures living in the Pokémon Universe.  

The show became extremely popular, claiming the title of the highest-grossing media franchise. It gradually developed into several different series, video games, mobile games, and trading card games while also branding through various kinds of merchandise. The craze for the shows and gathering its collectibles soon became a worldwide hobby.  

Even after decades, the Pokémon wave has not yet left the markets. Many new games, such as the recent Pokémon GO, successfully scrapes the hidden nostalgia. The game was a massive hit globally, with people of all ages playing it mindlessly.  

The Basic Concept 


Credit: Pokemon

The story revolves around a young boy and his adventures across the journey in the world of Pokémon. Ash Ketchum is from Pallet town and dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. He starts his journey with Pikachu and makes friends along the way, including Pokémon trainers and breeders.   

The Pokémon trainers roam around the world and catch different types of wild Pokémon, who then live in their Pokeball. Then, the trainers make them contest each other and weaken the wild one to catch it. Later, they train them to prepare for battle in league matches.  

The Pokémon world is full of adventures, villains, incidents, and new characters with mystical stories. Ash and his friends go around several towns and meet new people and their Pokémon. Being a children’s show, it focuses on teaching moral lessons with each episode.   


The show entails many characters and Pokémon species. The main lead of the entire franchise is Ash and his electric Pikachu. His companions around the initial series were Misty and Brock, Cerulean and Pewter City Gym Leaders, respectively. Brock is also a Pokémon Breeder.   

There’s also an infamous trio that our heroes encounter in every episode. An organization of bad guys called Team Rocket steals powerful Pokémon from trainers for their evil deeds. James, Jesse, and a talking Meowth are their low-ranking members who try to steal Ash’s Pikachu and others but are always defeated.  

Throughout the series, many rare Pokémon and exciting incidents are revealed. Apart from the league matches to become the Pokémon master, there are ribbon contests for the coordinators.   

Although the plot sounds like any other kids’ show, it was the most popular. Pokémon was a different world for the kids who were engrossed and mesmerized by the unique creatures and the concept of the show. Unfortunately, the series lost its grace in the following seasons because of many filler episodes and repetitive content.   

Seasons and Movies 

Secrets Of The Jungle

Credit: Pokemon

Pokémon was originally a video game that developed into an everlasting franchise. The TV anime was initially broadcast in 1997 in Tokyo. However, the show was divided into 22 seasons for the international audience, making it one of the most extended anime series.  

Apart from the series, there were also several Pokémon based animated films released from 1998 to 2020. The latest film was released in 2020 called Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. In addition, a live-action film was also released in 2019 titled Detective Pikachu, which is also available on Netflix.   

To Conclude 

After being around for more than two decades, Pokémon has proven its credibility among global viewers. Even though there are many seasons, and each one develops according to the preferences of the audience and the timeline, the original series still stands out proudly.   

The duo, Ash and Pikachu, are central to the show, and every kid easily relates to their friendship. Moreover, the varieties of Pokémon, with some being cute and others very powerful, create a balance of viewers. The battles are designed creatively, keeping in mind the young audience.  

Overall, the show is definitely worth watching. Even today, it has a widespread reach, and kids love the movies, especially the cutest Pikachu. So, it is evident that there is no end to the Pokémon anime series and games. Although the series grows with each passing day, it still captures the fundamental essence and reinstates that nostalgic feel.   Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle

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