Castle: 5.15 “Target” Review

0693The second scene was when he went to Greenpoint when Kate didn’t call him back after they had found the van. Everyone was amazing in that scene, but the moment he sees the blood and desperation takes over… man, I have to admit that a lot of tears were shed right along with him. Those tense seconds while Lanie was doing the test, the complete anguish in his face as he paced back and forth with Kate watching not knowing what to do… dear god almighty, that was probably one of the very best scenes I have seen on this show. It was just superb acting all around and it just proved that Castle  has so many underrated, ridiculously talented actors.

Now, I loved how they wrote Beckett toeing the line of cop and girlfriend and how she so desperately wanted to be there for him, but had to reign it in because they were at the precinct and because she needed to keep a clear head in order to keep focused on the case and help him. Her support through the entire episode was just great, starting from that first scene when she pulls him into a hug and says she doesn’t care if Gates sees or not. At that moment, he was more important than keeping their relationship a secret and she just wanted to be there for him, give him strength. That moment and the scene while they wait for the blood test results, her relief when it wasn’t a match and how she is just trying to keep it together for him, stay strong, but her voice cracks anyway… that was an amazing performance by Stana Katic.

1783About Alexis, I really loved how she is definitely her father’s daughter and, even though she was scared out of her mind, she tried to keep a clear head and calm her friend down through the whole thing. The fact that she learned how to pick a lock because her dad was doing research for a book was such a nice touch and Molly Quinn just did a brilliant job through the entire episode. When they escape and she finds that phone and manages to skype her dad, the relief at seeing her father’s face, hearing his voice, was so clear and it was just so real that just at that moment she allowed herself to break down and cry. And that was just so true because, really, who hasn’t had that moment in their lives, that you manage to keep it together, but the second you hear your mom’s or dad’s voice any control you had is out the window? So really, major kudos, Molly. It was great to see her finally showing off her acting abilities a little more than usual.

And finally we circle back to the cliffhanger. So they took the girls to Paris. I’ve had the entire weekend to think about it and I still can’t understand or even come up with a theory on why. And how that is going to fit with the fact that Castle’s long lost father will make an appearance and his supposed involvement in the case. I just can’t wrap my head around it at all.  Any theories? I’m all ears.

All in all, outstanding episode, Mr. Marlowe. A+. With honors.

PS: Gates totally knows and I loved how they revealed that. I wonder how she is going to let them know that she knows.

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