Castle 3.07 “Almost Famous” Review

Castle 3.07 “Almost Famous” Review

Castle 3.07 “Almost Famous” ReviewFor the very first time this season, Castle wasn’t mind-blowingly awesome. That said, I’m not saying it was a bad episode, so hold down your pitchforks. It was good, it was funny, but that was it. Maybe it was because the case didn’t really catch my attention or because my expectations were really high after last week’s out of this world episode. This week’s ‘Almost Famous’pales in comparison to last week’s ‘3XK’. It didn’t even come close to the awesomeness they delivered with the Triple Killer storyline.

In ‘Almost Famous’, they were investigating the murder of a struggling actor who moonlighted as a male stripper to get more cash in. He was found killed wearing a police uniform after leaving a bachelorette party where he had a gig. After diving into the world of male stripping, they find out that Derek, the victim, was part of a scam and when he said he wanted out, he got killed.

Now let’s talk about what worked. The episode was downright hilarious at times. Beckett dragging Castle to a male strip club was priceless. The entire sequence was brilliant, from the moment they walked into the club, down to the moment Castle sets off a fire extinguisher on the strippers who were trying to pull Beckett onto the stage. The chemistry there was sky high as it always is with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

Also, the fact that Esposito and Ryan are getting more screen time by themselves is great. They started out as less than substantial characters, usually just there to help out in the investigation. But now we are getting tidbits on their backgrounds and they have become important characters that the audience has come to care about a lot. So kudos to the producers for putting them on the spotlight for a bit.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what didn’t work in the episode. I just never got that excitement to solve the case. It kind of felt like a filler episode in which nothing important happened. It was good, it was entertaining and good television, but nothing stood out for me, therefore, ‘Almost Famous’gets a B- from me.

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