Casting a Movie Biopic About Legendary Band Rush

Casting a Movie Biopic About Legendary Band Rush

Rush is a legendary rock and roll band from Canada that is highly deserving of a biopic about their incredible journey to superstardom. Their music has taken the members to some high as well as low places throughout the long and mostly successful career. There has already been a documentary filmed about the journey of Rush, with interesting details and mini-bios of each member of the group, which features band members, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart. Other musicians and celebrities who comment on the documentary are Trent Reznor, Mike Portnoy, Kirk Hammett, Tim Commerford, Sebastian Back, Jack Black, Gene Simmons, and Billy Corgan. Also joining the cast are Geddy’s mom, Mary Weinrib, Alex’ mother Melanija Zivojinovich, Ray Daniels, Rush’s manager and Bernie Finkelstein of True North Records. There are a lot of famous people who have good things to say about Rush and they freely share the impact that the group has had upon their lives, emphasizing their importance in the history of music and in the history of the genre of rock ‘n roll as well. We know that the original members are capable of relating their real stories in an autobiographical sense, but if someone were to produce a film about the group, we believe that there are a few good choices for actors who could pull off believable portrayals of each current and former member of Rush, and here is our rendition of the ideal casting for such a film.

Alex Lifeson – Arthur Devill

Alex plays guitar, synthesizers and provided background vocals from 1968 through 2018. He spent 40 years with the group. Our top pick to play the role of Alex would be Chris Pratt, as a younger version of the rock and roller. Pratt is a versatile actor and he has a slight resemblance to a younger Lifeson if he let his hair grow out. He definitely has the ability to project a rock n’ roll attitude.

Arthur Darvill, aka Thomas Arthur Darvill, is best known for his role as Rory Williams on “Doctor Who.” He has a strong background in acting as well as in the music industry. Although his instrument was the Hammond organ, he played with UB40, Fine Young Cannibals, Ruby Turner, and others. He has a strong resemblance to Alex Lifeson in addition to a working knowledge of the music business.

Geddy Lee – Darren Criss

Geddy Lee joined the band in 1968 and he has been with them ever since. He supplies the bass guitar work along with guitar, synthesizers, keyboards and lead vocals. Darren Criss is our choice to portray the Hall of Fame rock and roller in a biopic. Criss has a background in music and is known for his role in the television show “Glee” in 2009. He’s familiar with the music business and he even appeared in Katy Perry’s music video “Last Friday Night.” In addition to his experience in the music business, he’s also a talented actor who has also appeared in “Little White Lie” and “Crime Story.”

Another actor who would fulfill the role of Geddy easily is Daniel Radcliffe. Since Daniel has matured into an adult, he took on the look of a rock and roller. Add a bit of length to his hair, and a bit of facial hair and he actually bears a decent resemblance to a younger Geddy Lee.

Neil Peart – Jared Leto

Neil played drums and other percussion instruments for the band since 1974. To play his role, we’d like to see Jared Leto in the part. Jared has the looks that would allow him to blend into the world of rock and roll, but he also has a background in music as well as amazing talent as a character actor. Leto is a singer, songwriter, actor and a film director. He is best known for his role as Jordan Catalano on “My So-Called Life” and he also appeared in “Panic Room,” Requiem for a Dream” and most recently in “Blade Runner 2049.” His vast experience in the music business as well as as an actor is what leads us to believe that he would make an excellent choice for the part.

Bradley Cooper is another actor who would be excellent in the role of Peart in his early 30s. Cooper recently took the world by storm with his performance alongside Lady Gaga in the remake of “A Star is Born.” He’s got the look, the musical talent, and the acting ability. The delivery of his performance as the struggling singer/entertainer who battled alcoholism and his own demons was nothing short of riveting and jarring at the same time. He has a unique ability to fully develop his character and give the viewers a glimpse of the inner turmoils, the joys and the thinking going on. This seems to be something that comes naturally to him.

Final thoughts

There are actually several younger actors who are under the age of 40 who would do a remarkable job of portraying the Rush band members. We’ve chosen who we believe would be the best two for each of the prolific artists who make up the phenomenal group, inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Each of our picks was chosen because of their background in both the music industry and for their versatility in acting. To do the band justice, it would take an actor who understands the joys and the struggles of rising to superstardom in order to make each of the characters believable to a fan base who is intimately aware of their journey and the ups and downs that the group has experienced. A biopic would tell the individual stories of the band Rush, but it would also neatly tie them together in one cohesive tale which would give us all a closer look into the men and their music.Daniel Radcliffe

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