Five Things You Didn’t Know about Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim is an Olympic snowboarder and a recent gold medalist. As in, she just won the gold medal in snowboarding for the US this year. There’s a reason why there’s such a buzz about her and the fact that she won the gold is only one of those. This amazing young woman has had a long and eventful journey to this point and has shown a great amount dedication and stamina in reaching her goal at such a young age. She’s only 17 years old at this point as she won’t turn 18 until April. Now how impressive is she?

That’s a stupendous accomplishment for anyone no matter their age, but being a champion before she’s even able to drink to her success is pretty cool.

5. She’s the youngest woman to win a gold medal in snowboarding.

I don’t know if the Olympians are getting younger or if we’re just experiencing a new crop of the best that the world has to offer, but regardless they’re fun to watch and are coming out strong against all other competitors. The time when the Olympic Winter Games were just something to watch when nothing else was on is gone if it was ever here in the first place, and part of it has to be this new and dynamic group coming out to show the world what they can do.

4. She started snowboarding at 4 years old.

Her dad put her on a snowboard when she was 4 and I get the feeling that was it. Even if she had moments when she might not have wanted to do it, it could happen, she obviously stuck with it and created a passion that stayed with her until this point. You could argue that she’s still young and might want to do something else with her life and you’d be right no doubt, but at this point she’s already racked up so many awards that the sense of personal gratification would be the only thing she’d be stepping away from.

3. She started competing at the age of 6. 

This young woman seems to have been born to compete since she’s been doing it since before she was in junior high. Since that time she’s been winning awards and accolades that other kids her age couldn’t even dream of let alone achieve without a great deal of work and talent. Her father no doubt pushed her but it was worth ever effort he put in to help her get this far.

2. She’s been said to be on par with Shaun White as far as skill goes.

She’s had to miss out on the Olympic Games before but instead she went to the X Games where she earned a medal in consecutive years and for a time was the youngest person to do this when it came to competition. That record was taken from her but she hasn’t stopped since as she still managed to earn one medal after another with her tremendous skill. She even became the second person to score a perfect 100 in the X Games, Shaun White was the first.

1. She was the first snowboarder to be chosen as the flag bearer at the Youth Olympic Games.

This kind of honor is unheard of for a lot of athletes but it’s something special to be able to hold your nation’s flag as you represent your country in front of the entire world. That alone is worth everything.

Congratulations to Chloe Kim, here’s to many more triumphs to come.

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