Be Careful: Your Smart TV Might be Prey for Hackers

Who would have ever thought that a TV, even a smart one, would be available as a target to hackers? Back in the day when TV’s were still considered ‘dumb’ and didn’t stream without an additional box to help them out you would have probably laughed at this notion that a hacker could get into your TV and start changing things up. Nowadays that’s a very real possibility and it’s kind of a frightening thing really. It might not seem like much, but given all that TV’s can do today if someone did manage to hack into your account they could end up wracking up a humongous bill that you would be responsible for and possibly disturbing your sense of mind in a very big way.

So far the only real safeguard against it that hasn’t been completely accepted by everyone is to disable the streaming capability, but for a smart TV that’s kind of pointless since that’s a big part of what they’re for. The luxury of not having to flip through all the channels on the roster just to get to the one you want is what people want, and smart TV’s tend to use viewer recognition when streaming in order to decide what you might want to watch based on what you’ve already been viewing. That’s pretty convenient but if a hacker were to somehow find a way to break into your system then there’s no telling what would be on there or how much information they’d be able to gain from your account.

Technology is a wonderful thing but like everything else in this world it comes with a price. Those that follow the rules, pay their bills, and basically don’t cause waves are always going to be at the mercy of those that don’t follow the rules and kind of do whatever they feel like based on some weird and unknown code that only they know. Hackers aren’t truly horrible people as some would make them out to be, but the idea that anyone would hack into your TV seems like a grand joke until you realize just how much they can access and what kind of trouble they could cause. Some companies have been put out by the idea that their systems could be hacked and have flat out denied that it could happen, or that it’s that much of a problem.

The issue with this however is that they’ve been proven wrong as to how secure their systems are and still don’t seem to want to admit that there’s anything wrong. It’s a lot better to admit that there’s a problem and to assure people that you’re going to fix it than to play it off like there’s nothing wrong and try to hide it from consumers. The hacking problem is very real, but as of yet it hasn’t hit epidemic levels. We can only hope it doesn’t and that the companies selling the smart TV’s will figure out a way to make it increasingly difficult if not impossible for the hackers to continue their senseless rampage of people’s TV systems.

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