Awkward 3.03 Recap: Avoiding ‘The Talk’

AwkwardJenna went to great lengths to avoid having “the talk” with Matty in this week’s Awkward, until she realized that nothing could stop it from happening, especially if she wanted to save their relationship.

Blatant Actions. It’s been a week since Matty found out about the pregnancy scare, but he’s physically distant with Jenna. She tries everything she can to restore intimacy between them and blatantly comes on to him under the bleachers, but he stops her. Instead, he wants to get together that night so they can “talk”, but she’s just freaking out. Meanwhile, Ming is weirdly into her new boyfriend, Henry, and she’s catching the eye of the Asian Mafia, including Becca, who grills her about Henry trivia. Ming passes with flying colors, but Becca remains suspicious.

Sadie’s Confession. Val’s busy this week trying to make the school a nut-free zone (which leads to an expected amount of sexual innuendo jokes), but she also decides to call in a PI to question Sadie about her possible involvement in Ricky’s death. Poor Sadie has been ostracized by her fellow cheerleaders who think she killed Ricky. When the PI admits that they don’t think that Ricky’s death involved any foul play, but that it did – weirdly – happen around the time of a sexual encounter, Sadie makes a confession: she never slept with Ricky and she’s still a virgin. But Sadie’s problems are only getting worse. Later, she calls up Matty to confess that she’s all alone in her house (her dad fled the country because of their money problems and her mother is in rehab for “exhaustion”) and is feeling pretty low. The friendship between these two is rather cute, with Matty assuring her that this too shall pass.

The BFGFBFF. After doing everything possible to avoid talking with Matty, Jenna decides to take Tamara up on something she’s been dying to do for years: the BFGFBFF (boyfriends/girlfriends/best friends forever double date – “the DDs are implied”). Tamara is thrilled, but it’s Lacey who reminds them what a strange situation they’re in considering Tamara is now dating Jenna’s ex-boyfriend. And the situation grows ever more complicated throughout the episode. Ming and Henry join the group, but even their presence can’t disguise the fact that Jenna and Jake continue to have a connection that can’t be broken. Reminders of past dates during a game of Charades leads Tamara to confront Jenna about ruining the BFGFBFF with her in-jokes with Jake. The girls apologize to each other and Tamara suggests that Jenna just man up and have the talk with Matty, rightly guessing that he’s upset she told Jake about the pregnancy scare first.

Pulling One Over On the Asian Mafia. But before the talk happens, Ming has a confession to make when Fred Wu stops by the party: she’s been “Asian-Becca for months” and Henry is her beard!

The Talk. Jenna finally approaches Matty, determined to talk things out. At first, she suggests they break up so that he doesn’t say the same thing to her, but he has no intention of breaking things off with him.  Instead, he really does want to talk. He admits he’s hurt she told Jake about the pregnancy scare first and he’s rather jealous she was better friends with Jake when they were dating than she is with him now. But she admits that she’s afraid he’ll bail if things get too “real”, just like how he avoided her after they first had sex. In the end, all of her worrying was for naught and the two make out as Fred Wu flees from the scene of the party.

Don’t miss an all new episode of Awkward next Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV in the US and MuchMusic in Canada. You can check out a preview below.





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