Andrew Lincoln Joining The MCU? Absolutely

If you’re excited for part 3 of the final season of The Walking Dead, you might be wondering the same thing. Yes, I am talking about Andrew Lincoln, the man who started it all. He is Rick Grimes and Rick Grimes is the hero of The Walking Dead series, both the comics and the show. As of right now, the show’s main protagonist is Daryl Dixon. I mean, who doesn’t love Norman Reedus as the crossbow-wielding redneck? For the longest time, he was basically Rick’s right-hand man, but after the fourth episode of the ninth season, that all changed. Rick went missing, Daryl spent a lot of time searching for him, and the show was never the same after that.

Is this really a bad thing? So far, it has played out rather well in their favor. However, we cannot help but think if Andrew Lincoln will return for the finale. It would certainly be appropriate and make perfect sense. Again, he is the man who kickstarted the series into the television juggernaut it would eventually become. I mean, can you believe the show had more viewers than the Super Bowl at one point? That was during the big glory days of The Walking Dead, but after a while, it began to stumble.

Now is it because Andrew Lincoln left the show? You can argue both yes and no, but there are those Rick Grimes movies coming. Who knows what those will be about, but personally, I do think he’ll return for the finale. The Walking Dead certainly feels different without Andrew Lincoln and we fans are eagerly waiting for his return. That could happen in the finale, it could happen in another spin-off show, or it can happen in his movies first. Either way, we want our Rick back and we hope it happens sooner than later. We all want Andrew Lincoln back in The Walking Dead. That’s a must, but honestly, he can do so much more. Why stop at the Walking Dead universe when he can be in a bigger one? What’s bigger than the Walking Dead universe? How about the marvelous and massive Marvel Cinematic Universe? I could not resist that pun.

But seriously, how cool would it be if Andrew Lincoln joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If he did, he wouldn’t be the first Walking Dead actor joining the MCU, far from it. As we Marvel fans know full well, several Walking Dead actors have found success joining the MCU. Michael Rooker, who played Daryl’s brother Merle, played the blue-skinned alien Yondu in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Does anyone else wish he was still alive? Hey, resurrection is always possible in the MCU. Likewise, Danai Gurira, who played the katana-wielding Michonne, played Wakandan warrior Okoye in Black Panther.

A more unexpected actor you might have missed is Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron. If you’ve heard him do his celebrity impressions, you can close your eyes and you’ll never know it’s him doing them. Guess who he played? Once Avengers: Infinity War came around, Hugo Weaving declined to return to reprise the role of the Red Skull. Marvel needed a replacement and Ross Marquand answered the call. Honestly, just listen to him talk as the deformed Nazi villain. Would you ever suspect that was actually Ross Marquand and not Hugo Weaving? That is literally how talented he is.

Now as far as Andrew Lincoln goes, him joining the MCU sounds like a no-brainer. Well, according to a report from Giant Freakin Robot, his MCU debut could happen soon. Now make no mistake, we should take this report with a big grain of salt. Unless there’s something official confirming his debut, I won’t get my hopes up. But I have to admit, the idea of seeing Andrew Lincoln as a Marvel character does excite me. I just can’t unsee him as Rick Grimes and he’s an ideal choice to play a heroic character. So if there is some validity to this report, I believe he could be playing a hero character.

Could Andrew Lincoln play a mean villain? Possibly, but I just love seeing him as a hero. By now, we so used to seeing him play a the more anti-heroic Rick Grimes. However, we shouldn’t forget how Rick Grimes was during the early seasons. He was far more optimistic and willing to save everyone, something that fits the bill of an MCU hero. So if I had to pick which Marvel hero would be best suited for Andrew Lincoln to play, I would vote for Reed Richards.

Andrew Lincoln as Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four. That sounds like great casting for several reasons. We’re used to seeing Rick Grimes with gray streaks in his hair or just full gray. The gray streaks is the trademark look of Reed Richards and a must-have for any live-action version. The Miles Teller version didn’t have it, part of the reason why his version wasn’t so good. Granted, his version was a younger Reed Richards, but even that didn’t make sense. Needless to say, the MCU Reed Richards should be a more older and more wiser man with penchant for science. But on top of that, his love for science stems from his aspirations to help mankind.

Minus the scientific genius of Reed Richards, Rick Grimes shares this desire to help mankind. Even when Rick Grimes was at his lowest, his goal was to always help everyone he could. He couldn’t always fulfill this goal, but he would always dust himself off and keep trying. The comic version (spoiler alert) died a martyr and the impact his death had on the world made a significant difference. People basically worshipped him and strived to follow the ideals he had fought for. That is the kind of ideals Reed Richards tries to work for and his MCU version needs the right actor to capture that.

After seeing Andrew Lincoln perform as Rick Grimes for so long, it’s clear that he would be a good choice. Now maybe he doesn’t have to be the main Reed Richards. After seeing what the MCU is doing now, he could be playing a variant. Even if he does, I’ll take it. Just seeing him play a Marvel hero would be interesting to see. Reed Richards is my pick for him, but he could probably pull off other characters as well. If this report has some legitimacy to it, then I’ll be curious to discover who he’ll be playing.

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