10 Things You Didn’t Know about Candis Meredith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Candis Meredith

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Candis Meredith

Candis Meredith is a name you’re hearing regularly these days. She and her husband were working closely with the Magnolia Network to showcase their business, to film a reality show, and to change the world one house at a time. Sadly, their accusations that they have been stealing money from their clients, not doing the work that they promised, and leaving clients high and dry began to surface just before their show, “Home Work,” was slated to air, and now the couple is facing backlash, cancelation, and the many other horrible things that occur when you’re accused of doing things wrong. Since her name is in the press so often these days, fans want to know more about her.

1. She is Married

Candis Meredith is a married woman. Her husband is Andy Meredith. Together, they run a successful business renovating homes. They’ve been in the business for many years, and they thought they were in a good place until just recently.

2. They Live in a School

Their own home is quite large, and they’ve done the work themselves. What might surprise people is that their home was once a school. They’ve taken it and renovated it into a home for themselves and their kids. Their home is slightly larger than the average home at just over 20,000-square feet.

3. She’s a Mom

If you’re wondering why she and her husband need such a large home, it’s because they also have a large family. Their home consists of themselves and their seven kids. A family of nine is not going to feel overly comfortable in your average 3,500-square foot home, so they needed something a little larger. Granted, they went much larger, but that’s still fun.

4. They Worked With Famous Influencers

The Bucket List Family is a family who has a prominent following on social media. With well over 2 million followers of their own, they have a substantial impact on the world. The Meredith’s renovated the famous Instagram family’s home back in 2017. They made quite an impact with this renovation, too.

5. This Show is a Long Term Project

It might be 2022 right now, but this family has been filming for the Magnolia Network since 2018. The reports online indicate that they’ve been in talks with the network to begin filming a long time ago, but it’s also important to remember that this kind of project might make an old house a home in under an hour for viewers, but it takes many months to film renovations – especially when you are filming more than one.

6. Accusations are Strong

At the moment, it seems that many accusations are going strong. For example, there are many who claim that this family went tens of thousands of dollars over budget with their renovations, that families didn’t get what they wanted, their money ran out, and the work came to a stop. They’ve accused this couple of not listening, of not doing what they should do, and of not being able to return calls or make good on their promises.

7. The Family is Suffering

Since these accusations began, this family has seen their dreams go up in smoke. Their show was canceled and pulled from the network – the network does not want this kind of scandal on their watch – and their family is being called names, made fun of, mocked, and their kids are being bullied at school because of these accusations.

8. Blowback on Magnolia is Occurring

Some of the upset homeowners want to see the Magnolia company take responsibility for this because this couple worked for their network. However, we don’t know how that will turn out or what the network will do to make sure that these families are heard.

9. Magnolia is Reviewing the Claims

This is not a network that is doing nothing, however. They are going through each claim, they are doing their own investigation, and they are handling this their own way. They will not sit idly by and allow this to continue on their watch, which is a good thing and a positive aspect of their situation.

10. They Deny All Accusations

When it was just one accusation coming out, the couple quickly denied that they did anything wrong. However, now that more and more families are coming out with their own stories and their own level of upset, this family is facing some serious backlash for this situation. They are denying that they’ve done anything wrong, but we suppose we will need to see the information that comes forth following an investigation to make a decision.the network

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