What Can We Expect from “Alone” Season 4 on The History Channel?

What Can We Expect from “Alone” Season 4 on The History Channel?

The History Channel is famous for providing viewers with original programming that centers on a large variety of incredibly interesting topics. Although all of their television shows are great, “Alone” may very well be the best of the bunch, and the exciting news is that the premiere of Season 4 is very very close. This reality thriller is based around the premise of ultimate survival. In each of the first three seasons of “Alone” a total of ten contestants are dropped into some of the harshest environments on planet Earth.

They are only allowed to bring ten survival items, some basic clothing, and a sleeping bag. Each contestant must build their own shelter, hunt and or scavenge for food, and ultimately survive on their own. Although the contestants are placed in the same area, they are each far enough apart that they will never come into contact with one another. In essence, they are all completely alone. The last man or woman standing wins this ultimate survival show, and the life changing $500,000 prize.

The contestants must test far more then their physical survival skills. “Alone” is also a psychological experiment. How long can a person survive all by himself or herself without an ounce of human contact? There are no camera crews. Each person must handle all filming duties on his or her own. In addition, the contestants are not informed when their counterparts are either medically removed, or simply hit the tap out button because they cannot mentally survive any longer. So without further ado, here are the five things we can expect from “Alone” Season 4.

1. There Is A Major Twist

Season 4 of “Alone” is going to include a major twist. As mentioned above, there were a total of ten contestants in each of the previous three seasons that were required to survive completely alone. That is all about to change. Season 4 will feature a total of seven teams that consist of two contestants per team. To make it even more interesting the teammates are family members. Will they get along well enough to survive alone together for an undefined period of time?

2. There Is A Second Major Twist

You did not think “Alone” was going to stop there did you? There is a second major twist in store this season. The teams begin the journey completely separated from one another. While one team member is responsible for setting up their base camp, the other must hike for miles and miles through rugged and dangerous terrain in order to reach them. The hiking partner is not equipped with a GPS. They only have a basic compass and hopefully a good sense of direction. Will they ever reach their partner or be stranded apart?

3. There Is A Third Major Twist

As we mentioned above, in the first three seasons of “Alone” contestants were allowed to bring a total of ten survival items, some basic clothing, and a sleeping bag. In Season 4 each team is allowed to bring a total of ten survival items. They are also allowed to bring some basic clothing and a sleeping bag each. However, having only five survival items each should prove to be interesting when the teammates are separated at the beginning of their journey. If you think about it, ten survival items are not a lot, could half of that prove to be impossible?

4. There Is A Fourth Major Twist

If one partner is either medically removed, or simply hits the tap out button because they can no longer take the mental anguish of the experiment, then both partners are eliminated from the contest. However, if they are the last team standing the team splits the $500,000 prize. Will both partners be able to make it to the end?

5. There Will Not Be A Moment Where You Are Not Glued To Your Seat

Season 4 of “Alone” is going to be amazing. The previous three seasons have already proved how hard it is to physically and mentally survive all alone with only basic items and zero comforts of home for an extended period of time. The question that remains is how well with two teammates do together? Tune in and find out.

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