10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dragnificent

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dragnificent

What could possibly be better than a heartwarming makeover show? Easy. A heartwarming makeover show that also features a cast of incredibly beautiful and talented drag queens. That’s exactly what viewers will get when they watch TLC’s new series, Dragnificent!. The show will feature makeover stories of women who are hoping to get a new look so they can feel extra beautiful for a special event. If you’re ready to be for some entertainment, Dragnificent! is the perfect show for you. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Dragnificent!.

1. It Originally Aired As A Special

Dragnificent! actually aired in 2019 as a special called Drag Me Down the Aisle. In the special, the hosts gave a soon-to-be bride a beautiful makeover. Drag Me Down the Aisle was an instant hit which resulted in the network wanting to bring it on for a complete season.

2. The Show Will Feature Former Ru Paul’s Drag Race Contestants

One of the most appealing things about the show is its hosts. The show will be hosted by a group of srag queens: Bebe Zahara Benet, Alexis Michelle, Jujubee, and Thorgy Thorg. Each of these queens has previously appeared on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. In fact, Bebe Zahara Benet was the show’s first winner.

3. The Show Will Probably Make You Cry

If you plan on watching Dragnificent! (which you should), you may want to consider grabbing a box of tissues. The show will feature lots of heartwarming moments that are likely to bring on the waterworks. Each woman’s story will show vulnerability and courage and it’ll be hard for viewers not to feel a strong connection.

4. Not All Of The Woman Will Be Engaged

Although the premise of Drag Me Down the Aisle was to give women makeovers for their wedding day, Dragnificent! will take a different approach. Not all of the women will be wanting a new look for their wedding day. Instead, some people are hoping to have a makeover for another special occasion such as a class reunion.

5. Each Woman Will Have A Different Reason For Her Makeover

Each woman’s reason for wanting a makeover won’t be exactly the same. While some women may be wanting a new look simply because they know it’s time for a change, others will be seeking the hosts’ help for different reasons. For example, one woman is hoping to get comfortable in her new skin after experiencing a drastic weight loss.

6. The Show Isn’t Scripted

Although the entire idea behind reality TV is that it’s supposed to be real, we all know that isn’t always the case. There have been some reality shows that have been proven to manipulate certain elements in order to create a more dramatic storyline. That won’t be the case with Dragnificent!, though. The queens have already said that this show won’t involve any scripted material.

7. You’ll Get To See The Hosts Other Talents

If you’re familiar with the hosts on the show, you probably know them best from their drag performances. However, if you thought stage shows and runway walks were all these queens could do, you’ve ot another thing coming. Dragnificent! will give all four of your favorite queens a chance to show viewers something else they’re good at/passionate about.

8. The Show Isn’t Just About Looks

Of course, the outward makeover will be the main part of the show, but Dragnificent! is about much more than appearances. The hosts hope that every woman they work with will still be feeling the affects of their work even after the show is over. Each woman will also learn how to feel good about herself inside and out.

9. Each Host Will Have A Specific Role

Similarly to the show Queer Eye, each host on the show will have a different role to play in the transformation. Bebe will be the show’s event planner,  Alexis Michelle will be the makeup artist, Jujubee will be the fashion expert, and Thorgy Thor will be the entertainment expert. It’ll be interesting to see which role each queen plays in the makeovers.

10. Viewers Will Be Transformed Too

The real beauty of Dragnificent! is that the people watching at home will also undergo a transformation. Of course, it’s not possible for everyone to get a chance to be on the show, but just by watching viewers will learn a lot of valuable lessons and make even some tips and tricks that they can implement into their own lives.

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