A Brief History of the Treefort Music Fest

The brief history of the Treefort Music Fest is that it helped to put Boise, Idaho on the map insofar as the fact that it now had a worthy music festival for people to attend. It’s inaugural run started in 2012 and was a great deal bigger than it had intended to be. It was initially supposed to be a small, two-day festival featuring 60 bands that were both local and from far and wide, but it eventually became a three-day festival featuring over 130 bands that pulled in three thousand people for three full days. That might not sound like a lot in terms of concerts for Boise, Idaho that’s a lot of people in one place at any given time. There were forty national media outlets covering the event and it was agreed that this was a smashing success that had caught the attention of quality bands and music lovers from all over the country as it pointed to the fact that Idaho was now in possession of a very popular festival.

By the time the 2013 festival rolled around tickets and passes had been sold out since the previous October of 2012. The festival was drawing in more and more attention and bands, as the number shot up to 260 while the attendance was simply out of control. People were thoroughly enjoying themselves and the landscape of Boise was changing rapidly as the city was becoming well known as a big party place when it was time for the festival. You can well imagine that the town was taking full advantage of the continued foot traffic during the days leading up to the festival and was loving the influx of tourists. It might have been a kind of love/hate relationship since tourism is great but it tends to make the tourists think that they run the town. It’s a give and take kind of thing really.

As the festival has rolled on throughout the years the number of bands has continued to grow and so have the ranks of the volunteers. This is a huge event in Boise and has managed to include a wide variety of local talent as well, some of whom have played in more than one festival in their career thus far. To say the town gets taken over by the festival is a nice way to say it since the volunteers make certain that festival regalia is seen all around Boise to announce that the festival is coming and that people need to pay attention. It’s been a great deal for Boise really since it’s become one of the most popular festivals to attend for those that can make it. The wealth of talent that waits to be seen at each festival is amazing and the different acts that are vying for attention is something so grand that it’s kind of hard to believe that it takes place on the western side of the country, especially in Idaho.

But hey, if there’s a party going on then people are bound to show up.

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