Every Season Of Breaking Bad Ranked

Every Season Of Breaking Bad Ranked

Breaking Bad is considered to be one of the greatest shows of all time. Created by Vince Gilligan, the show follows a high-school chemistry teacher Walter White (played by the talented Bryan Cranston), as he goes from a kind and timid middle-aged man to a sociopathic meth kingpin. Breaking Bad set the bar high for the crime drama genre, and it’s one of the most legendary shows in television history.

The show’s quality is pretty consistent through all five seasons. Every season is intense, terrifying, and thrilling in its own way. But of course, there are some seasons that are simply better than others. Here’s every season of Breaking Bad ranked from worst to best.

6. Breaking Bad Season 1

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Season 1

Breaking Bad season 1 is an introduction to Walter White’s world. Compared to other seasons, this one is slower-paced. But even though it’s ranked last on our list, it’s still a very important season because it sets the stage for everything that’s coming in the following seasons of Breaking Bad. It introduces the main characters, Walt and Jesse, who start a side hustle together. But this is no ordinary hustle. When they start cooking meth in secret, they enter the terrifying world of drugs. While it’s a slow start, it’s definitely worth watching and sticking to it because everything gets wilder from here.

5. Breaking Bad Season 2

Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Season 2

Next on our list is season 2. This season is not much more dynamic than season 1, but it’s still a gem. Walt and Jesse continue cooking crystal meth in their secret lab while simultaneously dealing with constant challenges that keep coming their way. This is where some new major characters are introduced to the show, such as Saul Goodman. But apart from welcoming new faces into the show, season 2 also kills off a lot of characters. Despite the fact that this season is not the best one, it’s still pretty exciting to watch.

4. Breaking Bad Season 5: Part 1

Jesse and Walter Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad season 5 is divided into two parts. The first part is ranked fourth on our list because it’s the classic tale of “the calm before the storm.” Like much of the show, it’s a slow burner. Walter White is unstoppable and unbeatable; at least, he believes that to be the case. Gus is dead, and Walt is now ruling Albuquerque. But of course, the tension in the cartel world keeps on rising, and Walt can’t catch a break. Even though this season is fourth on the list, it’s a perfect preparation for the conclusion of this phenomenal story.

3. Breaking Bad Season 3

Bryan Cranston As Walter White; Breaking Bad seasons ranked

Season 3 is ranked as one of the best seasons of Breaking Bad. It’s the point of no return for Jesse and Walt, and they’re deep in the drug business. Their relationship is more complex than ever, with Jesse’s drug addiction and Walt’s personal struggles constantly intertwining. This season features some of the best plot twists and storylines ever. All the characters are now fully developed, so their stories keep on getting better by the episode. It’s both a visual and thematic masterpiece with very high rewatching potential.

2. Breaking Bad Season 4

Gus Fring Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad season 4 is another explosive gem worth rewatching. The tension keeps on rising as Gus chases Jesse and Walt. It seems like there is no way out for anyone anymore. The season is both frightening and exciting. Some fans call it the best season in television history, which testifies to the fact that season 4 is second best on our list. Another reason why this season is unforgettable is the magnetic performance of Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring. He’s the ultimate bad guy with one of the best deaths on the show.

1. Breaking Bad Season 5: Part 2

Walter White season 5; Breaking Bad seasons ranked

Finally, the second part of season 5 is definitely the most shocking and thrilling season of Breaking Bad. Every episode features nail-biting moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. It’s unpredictable until the very end. Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Dean Norris all give outstanding performances as their characters’ stories reach their conclusions. Viewers get to watch their favorite story unfold in magnificent and petrifying ways. The show gets the ending it deserves, going down in history as one of the most iconic shows of all time.

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