7 Things We Can Learn From Jimmy in ‘Better Call Saul’

7 Things We Can Learn From Jimmy in ‘Better Call Saul’

Jimmy Better Call Saul

Jimmy McGill, A.K.A. Saul Goodman, of Better Call Saul, is one of those TV show protagonists that you simply never forget. He’s so authentically and unapologetically himself that no matter what he does, you absolutely love him.

But Jimmy is more than that. He’s not your typical TV show lead. He’s a resourceful entrepreneur, a talented salesman, and, let’s face it, a skilled businessman. Even though he always ends up in bad situations despite his good intentions, we can learn so much from him.

So, here are seven main things we can learn from Jimmy in Better Call Saul.

Know Your Audience

If there’s anything that Jimmy excels at, it’s that he knows his audience. Whether selling burner phones on the street or fighting for seniors’ rights in court, he always knows who his audience is. And that’s definitely one of the reasons why he’s successful at every job. He understands that knowing your audience is the key to success.

Always Be Yourself

Jimmy never lets anyone change him. Even though we see him try to change several times throughout the show for either his brother or Kim Wexler, nobody manages to rip Jimmy off his identity. He’s authentic and unique.

And why should he give up his personality? It’s what makes him who he is. ‘Always be yourself in a world trying to change you’ is one of the most powerful lessons that Jimmy teaches us.

Never Give Up

Another important lesson that we can learn from Jimmy is to never give up. We see Jimmy fail over and over again throughout the show. But does he ever give up on his dreams and ideas? No! He gets back up every single time.

When he loses his license to practice law, he makes a career switch and gets a job at a cellphone store. But that is the opportunity of his life, and he ends up selling burner phones on the street, paving the way for his return to law. He takes this chance to create a loyal community of customers that he later uses to make a name for himself as Saul Goodman. This is a great example of how you can turn your lowest moment in life into a lifetime opportunity.

Done is Always Better Than Perfect

Jimmy Better Call Saul

There’s no time to strive for perfection in Jimmy’s world. He is all about getting things done. You never see him get stuck or burned out. He keeps on going and finishing every single task one at a time. His secret? Done is always better than perfect.

Be Creative

One of the best lessons that Jimmy teaches us in Better Call Saul is to be creative. Your creativity is one of the most powerful things in the world, so don’t waste it. Instead, embrace it and be innovative.

Jimmy is creative at his job, and it’s exactly that innovation that gives him a competitive advantage in the saturated market of law.

It’s Not What You Know; It’s Who You Know

Networking is very important, and Jimmy McGill knows it! Remember when he delivers that iconic line to his customers on the street – “I’m number one on your speed dial, right next to your weed dealer?” Well, that perfectly describes this valuable lesson.

Build a good network for your business, do the work, and the customers will come. The same goes for your personal life. Jimmy has a few friends and partners, but they are loyal and hardworking, just as he is.

Frugality Drives Innovation

Jimmy Better Call Saul

Finally, Jimmy teaches us the powerful lesson of frugality. He shows us how to make the most out of what we have. For instance, he hires a few college students to help him with a few tasks but makes them into a strong team he can always rely on. That’s because he knows how to recognize and foster their strengths.

Jimmy knows how to leverage his existing resources and turn them into magic. Catchy TV adverts, funny commercials, and engaging billboards prove how frugality drives innovation. That’s definitely a lesson worth knowing in both life and business.Saul Goodman

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