Boruto: The Power of the Karma Seal Explained and Ranked

Boruto: The Power of the Karma Seal Explained and Ranked

Boruto: The Power of the Karma Seal Explained and Ranked

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name by Mikio Ikemoto. It is a prequel to the famous shonen series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. The series follows the next generation of ninjas. Boruto Uzumaki leads these ninjas Denki, Sumire, Kawaki, Mitsuki, and Shikadai. Masashi also supervises Boruto. The series takes us on an adventure with the arrogant Boruto, who meets new friends, villains all while trying to protect his friends and family.

The Karma Seal

With the introduction of new characters comes new techniques and powers, including those of the Karma Seal. The Karma Seal is a mark placed on a person’s body by an Otsutsuki clan member before they die to live forever through the individual. An Otsutsuki’s vessel is chosen for the sole purpose of resurrection. How? Over time the Karma extracts Otsutsuki’s genetic data into the vessel and completely replaces who they were. After the process is complete, the Otsutsuki takes over the vessel’s body and becomes the god they once were. When Boruto went along with Sasuke to save his father, Naruto, from Momoshiki, he got a Karma seal. Right before Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s death, he managed to place a Karma Seal on the inner palm of Boruto’s right hand. Having the Karma seal means immense power for the vessel and death since eventually, the Otsutsuki will take their place in the world of the living.

How the Seal Works

Since Momoshiki belongs to the Otsutsuki clan, he chose Boruto to be his vessel since he thought him worthy of his power. By marking Boruto, Momoshiki has secured himself a strong body to return to after the Karma Seal finished extracting his biological data. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the other Karma seal users are Jigen and Kawaki. They did not get their Karma seal in the same way as Boruto. Jigen got his Karma seal by becoming Isshiki Otsutsuki’s first vessel.

Kawaki ended up with the Karma seal from Isshiki Otsutsuki after being experimented on as a child by Kara. However, when Isshiki realized Jigen was the wrong choice and his body could not hold all his powers, they embarked on a mission to find another vessel. The powers will differ depending on which Ohtsutsuki clan member has marked the vessel. The Karma seal abilities are activated during danger or emotional distress. This is a safety measure by the Otsutsuki’s consciousness to protect its vessel. Now that you know all about the Karma seal origins, we will get into the overpowerful abilities that come with being a vessel.


Karma seal users have the power of flight, which comes in handy when battling dangerous enemies. Boruto was able to fly after Otsutsuki showed up during his karma seal activation. Other Karma seal users like Jigen and Kawaki also have the power to fly from one point to another. Since all Otsutsuki clan members have the power to fly, the vessels they chose by default would have the ability.

Speed and Strength

One of the primary abilities that Boruto has shown as a bearer of the Karma seal is enhanced spread and strength. Whenever he and Kawaki activate their Karma seal, they can defeat opponents twice their size or those more powerful than them. Even though the superhuman abilities that come with the Karma seal are helpful in a fight, they can be draining and take days for users to regain full strength. When Boruto Uzumaki activates stage 2 of Karma, he becomes so powerful that he can even battle Naruto, showing how powerful the Karma Seal is.


The most exciting ability that comes with a Karma seal is regeneration. Those with the Karma Seal can heal quickly from attacks, making them powerful and complex to beat opponents. The extent of this power is evident when it comes to Jigen, who is Isshiki’s first vessel and leader of the group, Kara. He has been alive for thousands of years without aging because of the Karma Seal.

Chakra Absorption

By placing the palm of their hand on another, Karma users can absorb chakra and use it as their own. Chakra boosts their power and, at the same time, weakens their opponent Boruto Uzumaki can absorb Naruto’s chakra and use it to defeat Boro. During Sasuke’s battle with Momoshiki, he also uses his power to absorb Momoshiki’s chakra. Since Sasuke is so powerful, it weakens the Otsutsuki clan member, who dies after leaving his mark on Boruto.

Ninjutsu Absorption

Another powerful ability that a Karma seal user has is to be able to absorb ninjutsu. Boruto and Kawaki are known to have the power of ninjutsu absorption since it is an ability from the Otsutsuki clan members. Any form of ninjutsu used against them, like sealing ninjutsu, or barrier ninjutsu, they can absorb as their own and re-use it against their opponent.

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Space-time ninjutsu allows the bearer of the seal to manipulate time and space. With this ability, one can teleport themselves or others from any place or dimension. Members of the Otsutsuki clan like Momoshiki Otsutsuki can use space-time ninjutsu to stop time like he did to place the Karma seal on Naruto’s son. Boruto himself could use the ability because of his Dojutsu/eye technique when he transported himself and some of his friends to a new dimension. Other people in Boruto who can manipulate space and time are Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, and Jigen.

Once the reincarnation process is complete, all other vessels lose their Karma seal to prevent the double reincarnation of an Otsutsuki with multiple vessels. The powers that come with being a vessel for an Otsutsuki clan member are mighty and dangerous, especially during war. However, what sucks about being a vessel is that more genetic data is extracted into them each time they activate the Karma seal. As they become more powerful, they grow closer to completely transforming into the Otsutsuki clan member who marked them.villains

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