10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga is a character that has received something of a mixed response in the Naruto series. On the one hand, she is very popular, as shown by the fact that she has been known to place as high as 6th place on the Naruto popularity polls. On the other hand, she is one of the focuses for shipping wars in the Naruto fandom, which were as contentious there as they are everywhere else. Whatever the case, Hinata is an excellent example of a character that became more and more important in their series as time went on.

What Are 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hinata Hyuga?

Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Hinata Hyuga from Naruto:

1. Member of a Powerful Clan

Hinata is a member of the Hyuga clan, which was one of the most powerful families that came together to create Konohagakure. However, while a number of those other powerful families have faded from prominence for one reason or another, the Hyuga clan has managed to remain very powerful and thus very important in Konohagakure.

2. Distant Relative to Naruto and Other Characters

Later chapters in the Naruto series revealed that the Hyuga clan is descended from Hamura Otsutsuki, who was the brother of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Since the Senju, the Uchiha, and the Uzumaki clans are descended from Hagoromo, this means that Hinata is related to Naruto and a lot of other important characters in the Naruto series. With that said, since Hamura and Hagoromo lived so long ago that the shinobi didn’t even remember them as anything besides vague legends at the start of the series, the relationship is so distant that it is more or less meaningless.

3. Possesses Special Eyes

There are a lot of jokes that have been made about magic eye powers in the Naruto series. In the case of Hinata and other Hyuga clan members, they possess special eyes called Byakugan, which offer incredible vision. Examples range from a close to 360 degrees field of vision to being able to see things that are situated multiple kilometers in the distance.

4. Member of the Main House

The Hyuga clan is separated into a main house and a branch house. This is something that has popped up in historical times, though people might be more familiar with the concept under the name of cadet branches. Regardless, Hinata is a member of the main house of the Hyuga branch, which exercises much tighter control over the branch house than most of its counterparts.

5. Involved in the Hyuga Affair

Hinata was the kidnapping victim at the center of the Hyuga Affair. In short, a high-ranking shinobi of Kumogakure visited Konohagakure to sign a peace treaty but used it as a chance to kidnap Hinata for the purpose of stealing the secrets of the Byakugan. Hinata’s father Hiashi killed him, which resulted in Kumogakure demanding his corpse for the same reason. In the end, it was Hiashi’s twin brother Hizashi who was sacrificed to maintain the peace because he was a member of the branch house, meaning that he was under a seal that would make it impossible to retrieve the secrets of the Byakugan upon his death.

6. Her Father Gave Up on Her

Initially, Hinata started out as a very meek person, which was not suitable for someone who might wind up in charge of the Hyuga clan. As a result, Hiashi made a constant effort to change this, which actually made things worse because he eroded her self-confidence. Eventually, Hiashi gave up, which is how Hinata winded up in Team 8 under Kurenai Yuhi.

7. Became Stronger in a More Supportive Environment

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hinata became stronger in the more supportive environment provided by her new teacher as well as her new teammates. She didn’t make an instant transformation, but she was nonetheless encouraged to become more capable for the sake of becoming a useful part of Team 8.

8. First Person to Acknowledge Naruto

Technically, the argument can be made that Hinata was the first person who acknowledged Naruto as someone who was going to go somewhere. After all, she drew motivation from his sense of motivation when they were still in school, which resonated with her because while they had similarities in their circumstances, Naruto was in an even worse situation than she was.

9. Got Some Help from Hamura

Amusingly, it turned out that Hagoromo wasn’t the only Otsutsuki brother whose descendants went off-course. Likewise, Hagoromo wasn’t the only Otsutsuki brother who could transcend time and space to interact with people centuries after his death. As a result, Hinata winded up meeting her own distant ancestor in much the same manner that Naruto and Sasuke met their distant ancestor, which was important because Hagoromo’s descendant on the moon decided that the best solution to the bellicose nature of humanity was to kill them all.

10. Got Married

As stated earlier, Hinata is a focus for shipping wars in the Naruto fandom, not least because she is the one who winded up getting married to Naruto. By Boruto, the two have two children, with one being the titular character of the new series and the other being Boruto’s younger sister Himawari.

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