Big Brother Season 17 Episode 31 & 32 Review: “Episode 31″/Episode 32”

Big Brother

Going into this week on Big Brother, it was obvious that nothing good was going to happen. With Vanessa as HOH once again, there was no way of avoiding the trainwreck that followed. Her reign as HOH, combined with the double eviction on Thursday night, managed to take a disappointing season and make it even worse. It’s hard to be invested in this season anymore, no matter how hard I try, because the idiots are always the ones in power, slowly picking off any players that may have made this season interesting. To be fair, they have had to win competitions to do so, but that doesn’t take away from the frustration of seeing them run the house week after week.

This week Vanessa’s targets were James and Meg, the only two who remained from the opposing side of the house. Out of those two, James was the only real threat as he’s proven himself able to win competitions and willing to make big moves. Unfortunately for Meg, it was James who won the Veto competition, one that catered to his sneakiness in the house. While this left Meg on the block, she has never been a target of anyone’s, and Vanessa knew that she’d have to be smart about her renomination to ensure that Meg went home.

Having recently teamed up with Johnny Mac and Steve, and knowing that if either went on the block the Austwins would have the votes to evict them over Meg, Vanessa had to put up one of the twins. Julia was the safest option, as she’s won less competitions and doesn’t have the showmance target that Liz does. Now, if this were a season in which houseguests weren’t afraid to make big moves and get blood on their hands, there would be a very good way for them to ensure that the Austwins didn’t keep controlling the house. The simple solution: James, Steve, and Johnny Mac voting to evict Julia.

Each week, I hope that we’ll finally see Steve or Johnny make the moves they need to in order to stand out in the game, and each week, they disappoint. Instead, they take the easy way, making the ‘safe’ decision. What they don’t realize is that by making the safe decision they’re essentially handing the game to one of the Austwins. By keeping all three in the house, along with Vanessa, those four have guaranteed control over the votes, and there’s no way they’d ever flip on each other. Vanessa might throw a vote Johnny or Steve’s way, but it wouldn’t be enough now that the numbers are dwindling and the other three would never vote against each other. Because they chose to keep Julia and send home Meg, who could have been a vote for them, they’ve basically planned their own demise in the game.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the double eviction led to even more control for the Austwins. Liz took the HOH and Julia won the veto, ensuring that James would be sent out the door and leaving only those three, Vanessa, Steve, and Johnny Mac in the house. There is no way I see this season playing out where anyone other than Austin, Liz, or Julia wins it all. They’ve got control of the votes, and because no one took a shot at one of them when they had the chance, they will continue to control the house until the end. They haven’t done much to deserve it, other than winning a few competitions, but I guess this is what happens when no one comes into the house willing to play the game.

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