Big Brother Review: Double Eviction Week

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There are many reasons to love Big Brother but perhaps the most agreed upon one is the infamous Double Eviction week. With a whole week’s worth of drama all crammed into one episode, it’s always bound to leave your head spinning. People out of power can rise while those who have been running the house can all of a sudden find themselves outside, sitting next to Julie. And all this in the span of an hour. Suffice it to say, my expectations were high for this past week’s double eviction, with it becoming more and more obvious that certain houseguests needed to go. Unfortunately, while this night can be as exciting as described above, it can also be a complete let down and that’s exactly what happened last week. But first, as Julie would say, let’s take a look at how we got to double eviction night.

With your boy Paul as HoH, the week started off with a bang, as he nominated both Michelle and Paulie’s showmance, Zakiyah, with the blessing of his alliance, the Executives. Made up of Paul, Paulie, Corey, Victor, and James, these boys are naive enough to think they can make it to final five without turning on each other. So far, so good I suppose. Sick of Zakiyah’s emotions and desire to be with him, Paulie gave his blessing to Paul to put her up. He was a complete jerk to her all week, lying to her time and time again while she continued to trust him. Through it all, he claimed he never wanted her to go home though, instead making it clear that who he truly wanted out was the overly emotional Michelle.

Unfortunately, the Executives were torn on which of the two girls they wanted to see walking out the door. Keeping Zakiyah was better for Paulie’s game, but Paul would much rather have seen her go. Chinks in the P&P friendship started to show, as Paul lamented the fact that every week, they have done what’s best for Paulie’s game and not his, claiming that Paulie is a selfish player. Not exactly what anyone wants out of an alliance member.

Despite his attitude towards her all week though, Zakiyah still believed Paulie when he told her to pick him for Veto, hoping he would use it on her. This plan went off without a hitch, until of course Paulie decided not to save her from the block even though he held the power to do so. Somehow, no matter how many times he burned her, Zakiyah still placed her trust in Paulie and this ended up burning her badly. Still though, the plan was to get out Michelle until last minute, some of the other girls gathered and flipped the house, convincing everyone that Paulie’s power was out of control. The only thing they could currently do to stop him was to take out his showmance, Zakiyah.

It was a combination of Natalie, Bridgette, and Michelle that led to charge of getting the houseguests on board with sending Zakiyah home to take a hit at Paulie. Even his good friend Paul jumped at the chance to do so, realizing that his game was never something Paulie was going to care about. While Nicole, Corey, and Paulie didn’t know this was going to happen, everyone else was able to put the plan into action, successfully sending Zakiyah out the door. If she had just distanced herself from Paulie, who never treated her the way she deserved to be treated, she might still be in the house.

This all led us straight to the double eviction. With everyone finally realizing that Paulie had been controlling every step of the game, it looked like it would be a promising episode, with the tides finally being turned on Cody’s brother. Unfortunately, that hope all went up in flames as Corey somehow managed to win an intelligence HoH. Naive to everything and wanting to remain true to the Executives, he put up Bridgette and Michelle and the boys finally accomplished what they’d wanted to for a while, sending Bridgette home.

While the double eviction as a whole was disappointing, the good news is that Michelle and Natalie are still in the house and they will never stop leading the charge to get Paulie gone. It would have been exciting to see it happen on Thursday, but we can rest easy knowing that the house is onto him and within the next few weeks, they should be able to get rid of him. I, for one, will not miss the sexist, selfish, and inconsiderate houseguest at all when he finally leaves the house.

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