Why This Season of Big Brother Isn’t Doing It For Us

There’s no doubt that Big Brother has found its niche in reality competition programming. After all, having been around since 2000, there’s no denying the effectiveness of the game. We’ve seen multiple variations of the original Big Brother, and most of them proved to be successful. However, there’s something about the latest season of Big Brother that just can’t seem to keep us interested. It can’t be just us either, as TV ratings confirm season 19 as the lowest ever in the history of the show, even though it continues to get the highest ratings for its time slot. We think we know the reasons why we can’t wait this season’s Big Brother to be over.

1. The houseguests are okay.

Somebody tells someone else, “I just don’t like you.” We knew this was expected from the get-go, yet it’s a little too predictable and unsettling, perhaps. Just three episodes into this season and we’ve already witnessed a full-blown food fight and a houseguest aborting. We can’t blame Megan for doing so, but it’s painfully difficult to watch a grown woman be affected by brash comments, especially one that had done ‘Survivor’ before. Also, there’s a little too much fakeness going on with this season’s houseguests. What happened to the Big Brother that had real people in it? Guess that time has come and passed.

2. They brought back Paul Abrahamian.

We get it. He was great last season, and he was so close to winning. It just makes us wonder that with all the interesting and albeit deserving people in the world who wants to be in Big Brother, the network couldn’t get a new face? Paul is even setting up for a repeat of last year, as it seems like he’s done well so far and lasted this long. But come on. This show is not about redemption. It’s not even about survival or tactic or whatever else people feel Big Brother is all about. This show is about entertainment. And we’re pretty sure if the network cared enough to find more interesting people to get on the show, they probably would’ve had someone else in Paul Abrahamian’s spot.

3. It’s just gotten boring.

This last part bit is actually an extension of reason #2. With Paul in the game still, the show has just gotten way too predictable. He’s doing exactly the same things he’s done last year, and what’s to be expected? It worked for him until the very end. It just proves how uncreative the show has gotten. What did Executive Producer Grodner really expect by bringing an old houseguest back? She should have expected a house full of newbies unwilling to make big moves and one expert taking advantage of it all because that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s extremely boring.

We want drama and we want it to be real. Big Brother better poise up for better houseguests next summer or new twists at least. Or else, the viewers might refuse to play the game too just as the houseguests are doing now.

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