Big Brother Season 24: What to Expect

Big Brother Season 24: What to Expect
Big Brother Season 24: What to Expect

Big Brother 24 premiered on July 6, 2022, and ran for 82 days that followed 16 HouseGuests as they vie for a grand prize of $750,000. With 35 episodes and a historic winner, Big Brother 24 ended on September 25, 2022, bringing the dramas, controversies, and criticisms trailing the season to a satisfactory climax. Also hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, the season saw the return of live audiences to the CBS reality show: the previous two seasons had held evictions behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like prior seasons, the premise of the show was essentially the same. It had the HouseGuests face varying challenges and schemes as they avoided being evicted from the Big Brother House.

Nonetheless, it lived up to its renowned trademark—”expect the unexpected.” The season filled with twists and turns right from its opening night, saw one of the HouseGuests voluntarily quit the game in the first week. While another HouseGuest was accused of racial optics in week 4, the season’s most significant controversy revolved around the mistreatment of a HouseGuest and eventual winner. From its cast members to its big moments, here are the highlights of Big Brother 24.

Meet The Cast Members of Big Brother 24

Big Brother 24 HouseGuests

The 16 HouseGuests for Big Brother Season 24 were revealed a day before the season’s premiere. They include Terrance Higgins and Paloma Aguilar, the oldest and youngest contestants of the season, respectively. Higgins (47), a bus operator from Chicago, Illinois, was evicted on Week 9, Day 65, while Paloma Aguilar (22), an interior designer from San Marcos, California, quit the show on Day 8, Week 1, following her mental health struggles in the house. Until her exit, she competed for the grand prize with Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, Ameerah Jones, Nicole Layog, and Daniel Durston.

The season wouldn’t have been the same without Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor. The former is a personal stylist and former beauty pageant titleholder from West Bloomfield, Michigan, whereas the latter is a personal trainer from Bear, Delaware. Hale and Taylor, alongside Matthew Turner, a thrift store owner from New Bedford, Massachusetts, remained HouseGuests until the last day of the season. Before they got there, they faced close-quarters challenges from Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa Snider, and Michael Bruner. The remaining HouseGuests of Big Brother 24 were Indiana “Indy” Santos, Jasmine Davis, Joseph Abdin, and Kyle Capener, the only unemployed HouseGuest of the season.

The Major Twists That Made Big Brother 24 A Unique Season

Big Brother Season 24: What to Expect

Big Brother Season 24 kicked off with the Backstage Boss Twist; Pooch claimed the pass and was sent Backstage. He also gained immunity for the week and selected three HouseGuests (Alyssa Snider, Brittany Hoopes, and Paloma Aguila) to join him Backstage; however, they weren’t granted immunity. One of the Backstage HouseGuests was to be pitted against the HouseGuest evicted by the house, but Paloma provided another twist to the game when she opted to quit on Day 8.

In Week 3, the Festie Besties Twist was introduced to the game. Akin to season 13’s Duos, it obligated the Head of Household to nominate a set of friends (Besties) for eviction while acquiring immunity for their Besties. Each nominated set of Besties, thereupon, competed for the Veto Power to save themselves and deflect their nomination to another set. It yielded quality entertainment to viewers, just like the Split House Twist introduced after Week 6 eviction. As the name implies, it split the HouseGuests into two groups (Big BroChella and Dyre Fest) with games that eventually led to the eviction of two HouseGuests at the end of Week 7.

The Biggest Moments of Big Brother 24

Big Brother Season 24: What to Expect

Big Brother 24 is packed with several moments that resonated with fans, including the eviction of some HouseGuests like Daniel Durston and Ameerah Jones. A vibrant contestant, Durston was often at the center of all the unfolding dramas. His eviction was a highlight for viewers and most of the remaining HouseGuests. For some viewers, it was rewarding to see him out of the game after his disparaging outburst towards Taylor Hale and other HouseGuests. His colleagues were particularly eager to evict him after he called them “bozos” while appealing to be saved.

“…I would rather hang out with Nicole and Paloma than any one of you bozos here today. This place is a circus, and you’re all a bunch of clowns…” he said. Jone’s eviction was equally eventful as nobody saw it coming, thanks to The Leftovers. The expulsion of the content designer from Westminster, Maryland, marked a turning point for the season: it had the underdogs banding together to get rid of the HouseGuests they believed were running the show. None of these big moments, of course, equaled the emergence of a winner in Week 12, Day 82.

Victimized for a better part of the show, Taylor Hale’s emergence as the winner of Big Brother 24 was an exhilarating experience for her and the viewers. Hers was a historic win as she was the second black HouseGuest and the first black female to win the American television reality competition. In addition to winning the grand prize, the viewing public voted her America’s Favorite HouseGuest, making her the first winner to bag the additional prize of $50,000.

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