The Witcher Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment


If you’re not laughing after this bout of Honest Trailers then I don’t know what to tell you but it was highly amusing to watch The Witcher be taken to task in one of the best ways possible given that everything said was pretty much true, and it didn’t matter. Ever since it came out The Witcher has been one of the most watched shows on Netflix and for a good reason since the story that it’s derived from gets a bit wordy and stretched at points, but it’s definitely worthwhile and has been translated fairly well onto the small screen at this point. I don’t know about the accuracy of calling a program that’s trying to be the next Game of Thrones, but it’s definitely got the dark and dreary part down since Geralt is anything but friendly most times and Yennefer is without a doubt a very alluring and continuously naked individual that has likely drawn a lot of fans to the first season and will keep them coming back for the second. As for the rest of it, if you can manage to get that song out of your head for more than five minutes then you’re doing good, but of course once you think about it you likely hear Jaskier’s voice rising again as you curse the day you heard it, or not.

In truth it’s not a bad song and is one that might continue to spark a memory in the minds of people that enjoy The Witcher and are looking forward to the next season. Given that the show didn’t devolve into a buddy-buddy arc between Geralt and Jaskier it’s fair to say that it’s kept a winning formula thus far by maintaining that it’s male lead is a gruff and sometimes unpleasant fellow that lives by his own code and means and doesn’t suffer people in his life gladly unless there’s a good reason, namely the one that he comes up with on his own. In fact the only person that he might actually be stuck with thanks to destiny is Ciri, and there’s definitely more than destiny to that bond since it was established in the first season that he’s to be responsible for the girl and her safety. As one might guess Geralt was ready to run as far away from that promise as he could not out of fear but because he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like to be attached to anyone, no matter that he’ll attach himself to the ladies now and again for the night if only to have a bit of much-need companionship. It’s a wonder why he’s allowed Jaskier to stick around so much in the first season, but then again it’s almost as though he has a soft spot for the bard, which is often punctuated by a growl when Jaskier says something he finds foolish…which is often.

One of the biggest unknowns of the whole mess is Ciri, and she remains that way for a while in the books as well since it’s obvious that she has power, she’s able to work magic, and she becomes highly skilled thanks to the Witcher’s tutelage, but she’s still something of quandary that needs to be sorted out. Given that she’s listed as one of the most powerful figures in the entire series it’s fair to say that she’s also one of the most important, but in the Netflix show it has yet to be established why or how far her character arc is going to go before we realize just who she is and what she’s all about. Daniel Alexander of The Gamer has more to say about Ciri if you’re interested in learning. The Lion Cub of Cintra is about all we know her as at the moment since she’s been given the kind of importance that one might give the Chosen One in Star Wars or The One in the Matrix. In other words she’s very important but we want to know why in order to understand her better, and too often it happens that we’re given clues and hints that we have to continually guess over, only to be shown something entirely different later on. Ciri’s story is already known to many people that have followed the books and the games, but how it translates to the show is going to be interesting no doubt.

The Witcher definitely sets itself apart from any other fantasy tale as the rumors of monsters in this show is usually debunked or used as a bit of amazement that such creatures being spoken of still exist. Plus, magic is very prevalent, but how powerful each user is usually depends on how they’ve trained, who they are, and where they learned their craft. For instance, Yennefer has been given a serious power boost in the show, as in the books she’s still powerful but not quite as much as she appeared to be at the battle of Sodden. Thus far though, no one’s complaining.

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