10 Things You Didn’t Know About Workin’ Moms Simone Miller

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Workin’ Moms Simone Miller

Simone Miller began her acting career as a child starring in numerous Canadian television series. From a child star to a guest star on the hit show Workin’ Moms, Miller has steadily landed roles that challenge her and help her grow. But more than being an actress working her way to the top, Miller is also a musician.

Simone Miller has released two singles and a music video, and she’s starred in several television series. Her career is taking off with her lead role in the CBC series Detention Adventure, for which she has earned recognition. However, despite being a rising star, you still don’t know everything about Simone Miller.

1. Simone Miller Began Singing When She Began Speaking

Simone Miller Music Video Older

As a child, Simone Miller loved music. She began singing about the same time she began speaking, and she’s not stopped. Miller spent her childhood singing any chance she had and to anyone who would listen to her. Simone Miller released a song called Older, which can be downloaded on Spotify and Apple Music, and she has a music video for the song on YouTube.

2. Simone Miller’s Big Break Came From CBC

Simone Miller in Detention Adventure - Raign Westbrook

When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation created the Kids’ Digital Original mystery called Detention Adventure, Simone Miller was cast as the lead character. Mille plays Raign Westbrook, and this is the role that made Simone Miller a household name in her native Canada. Detention Adventure was not Miller’s first role, but it was the one that gave her the first big break of her career.

3. Simone Miller Starred In A Lifetime Movie

The Clark Sisters

Lifetime movies are famous for their plotlines and stories. Simone Miller was cast in the Lifetime Original Movie called The Clark Sisters. In the movie, Miller played the young version of the Dorinda Clark character. This role is even more notable, considering Mary J. Blige and Queen Latifah produced the movie. Starring in a movie made by these two powerful and successful entertainers is a dream come true for a young actress like Simone Miller.

4. Simone Miller Is Big On Philanthropy

Simone Miller

She might be young, but that doesn’t stop Simone Miller from understanding the importance of giving back when and how you can. She spends time and money on organizations that are important to her, and one of the most important is the Jamaican Canadian Association. During her free time, Miller helps paint churches, community buildings, and much more. Miller understands that giving back to her community is one of the most selfless and generous things a person can do.

5. Simone Miller’s Award Nominations

Simone Miller

Miller’s role in Detention Adventure not only gave her the big break she needed for her career but it also earned her an award nomination. Detention Adventure season three earned Simone Miller a Canadian Screening Award for Best Performance Children’s or Youth. Her nomination is one of 15 total nominations for Detention Adventure in 2023.

6. Simone Miller Had The Chance To Sing on Television

Simone Miller in Detention Adventure - Raign Westbrook 2

Detention Adventure season three earned Miller a nomination for a Canadian Screening Award, but the season also allowed her to showcase her singing abilities on television. Miller’s character, Raign Westbrook, was given a chance to sing in season three, which marries her two life passions. The opportunity to showcase her singing during her acting is a dream for Miller.

7. Simone Miller Landed A Voice Acting Role

Simone Miller Indigo Pinkalicious and Peterific

Pinkalicious and Peterific is an animated series that stars Simone Miller’s voice. Miller voices Indigo, the babysitter of the two lead characters in the series. In addition to lending her voice to the character in three episodes, Miller was also able to sing as the character Indigo. Finding the right voice to use in this animated series was not difficult for Miller, as voice is something she studies regularly.

8. Miller Was An Opening Act

Simone Miller

Two of Canada’s most famous bands are The Arkells and Blue Rodeo. During the summer of 2022, the famed accounting firm Ernst & Young hosted the EY Summer Stock Event in Toronto. Both The Arkells and Blue Rodeo performed at the event, and Simone Miller was their opening act. Miller cherished singing on stage in front of a large audience as the opening act for two major bands.

9. Simone Miller Has Her Own Favorite Type of Show

5 Reasons Why You Season 4 Worked

Simone Miller plays many different roles that are perfect for someone her age, but she also has a favorite type of show to watch. Miller’s favorite genre is psychological thriller. Miller’s favorite show to tune into on television is  the Netflix thriller You. Simone Miller also listens to true crime podcasts in her free time due to her fascination with the genre.

10. Simone Miller Saves Sentimental Items

Things You Didn't Know About Simone Miller 1

Throughout her career, Miller has focused on saving small items from each role she’s landed on television. These small trinkets might seem like sentimental items to anyone else, but they are a bit more than that for Miller. She uses them as motivation and a reminder of how far Simone Miller’s career has come thus far.

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