Comparing the “Bates Motel” and “Psycho” Shower Scenes Side by Side

One of the most iconic scenes in the history of movies is the shower scene from the 1960 classic horror film Psycho.   It’s one of the most talked about scenes but it’s also been parodied countless times in comedy movies and even dramas.    Equally as iconic as the scene itself is the music.  While the Psycho remake with Vince Vaughn tried to re-enact that scene the movie itself was sub par and we haven’t seen any real attempt since.

However, with the emergence of Bates Model and Rihanna guest starring as Marion Crane (the woman who is killed in the shower scene) everyone was extremely excited to see how the A&E hit would tackle the shower scene.   The consensus from fans was that the show did a great job and that Rihanna’s performance was solid.  But let’s hear from the episode’s director on it below:

“Obviously, the setup for the shower scene with Marion is very similar to the movie,” the episode’s director Phil Abraham told Entertainment Weekly, “and since the setting is so familiar, I really didn’t want to make it just an exercise of copying Hitchcock frame for frame… But certain key moments, such as Norman looking through the peephole in the wall, are all part of building up the tension with what the audience knows or thinks is coming. The fun of the shower scene is all about that expectation, and the sequence and choice of shots are very much tied into that sense of what is going to happen, so the pace is critical, and of course mixing in a volley of different shots I felt I could keep the audience off-balance just enough to feel they are watching something familiar yet also in a subtle way be kept off-balance.”

Check out the side by side comparison of the two scenes.

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