Big Brother 11 Tuesday, 8/18/09- Review

Tonight’s episode had all the drama that we had expected from Sunday’s episode. Big Brother finally let us see the drastic measures Chima was willing to go through to get off of the show. (On an aside, and one that might not make me very popular here, Chima is the worst behaved human being I have ever had the misfortune to watch. After going on and on about women being strong and independent, her temper tantrum over being nominated and losing the power was absolutely ridiculous to watch. I wonder how she feels knowing that she’s the butt of hundreds of thousands of jokes across America?)

Chima had refused to wear her microphone, was verbally abusive to the BB producers and then tossed the microphone into the spa rather than wear it. Asinine. Thank God they didn’t give her little pity party any more air time.

Natalie seemed not to be playing the same game that I was watching, because she tried to blame Jeff and BB for Chima’s little tantrum. I think I rolled my eyes so hard that I might have sprained an eyeball.

After that, the HG’s were informed that Michelle’s power of the HOH was up, and there would be a new competition. The players had to play a modified version of putt-putt golf. The hole-in-one was one point, and if they missed that the ball went into a little wheel looking thing that had numbers on it. The highest number lost. Each loser got to pick a prize, and they could trade for the person who lost before them. Lydia was the first out, winning the HOH key. Natalie was the second out, and chose a Hawaiian vacation. Next was Russell, who picks a call from home, which he exchanges for Natalie’s Hawaiian vacation. Fourth was Kevin, who picked and kept $5,000. Jeff then threw the competition so that Jordan could win. His prize was a spa treatment that he ended up trading with Russell. An ecstatic Jordan takes the HoH key and gives Lydia a red leotard and cape to wear for a week.

Then Lydia had her own meltdown and in a stunning display of the worst sportsmanship ever called Jordan a ‘ho and a puppet. Jordan doesn’t hold back her emotions very well, and the crushed look on her face at Lydia’s idiocy was kind of sad. It made dislike Lydia even more. I think she might have been drunk, but then she went on a rampage and tried to get Michelle and Jeff of all people to spat with her. I think she figured out that if they voted her off then she’d be locked up in a Jury House with Jessie for at least a week. She then dumped out Michelle’s beer and …. (if children are reading this please remove them from the room now)… destroyed some cookies! THE NERVE!

Lydia did seem to acknowledge that Chima’s selfishness basically screwed the game for the little Jessie’s Girls alliance. Kevin was also distraught. He does seem to be trying to keep his head in the game, but it is difficult for him when he aligned himself with morons.

With all this drama, Jordan got shorted on the revealing of her HoH room. (Lydia didn’t bother to look and I don’t think that she was missed very much.) Jordan got her letter and cried at hearing from her mom.

Lydia dons her Captain Unitard outfit and Jordan nominates her and Natalie for eviction.

Still no official word about what will happen with the end game vote. Chima leaving would leave 6 people on the jury. Most of the discussion on the blogs and boards is that America will be voting in the 7th jury member. There was some discussion about America voting one of the eliminated house guests back in- but that too is rumor at this point.

What do you think? What do you want to happen, America?

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