Unmasking the Truth: 10 Reasons Why Mountain Monsters is Fake

Unmasking the Truth: 10 Reasons Why Mountain Monsters is Fake

Unmasking the Truth: 10 Reasons Why Mountain Monsters is Fake

Mountain Monsters has captivated audiences since its debut in 2013, with the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team venturing into the wilderness to prove the existence of mythical creatures. Despite their efforts, the show has yet to provide any solid scientific evidence to support their claims. This has led many to believe that the show is nothing more than a scripted and staged form of entertainment. Here are 10 reasons that suggest Mountain Monsters is indeed fake.

1. Guns, but No Shots Fired

The AIMS team is always armed during their hunts, supposedly getting close enough to capture these elusive creatures. However, despite their proximity to the so-called monsters, not a single shot has ever been fired in self-defense.

2. Breaking the Cardinal Rule of Hunting

When hunting, it’s essential to remain as quiet as possible to avoid scaring off your target. Yet, the AIMS team consistently makes a significant amount of noise during their investigations, which should, in theory, drive away any creatures they’re pursuing.

3. Suspiciously Good Luck

If these mythical creatures are as rare as the show suggests, it’s highly unlikely that the team would encounter them so frequently. However, Mountain Monsters seems to feature a successful find almost every week, which seems too good to be true.

4. The Great Escape

The AIMS team claims to be experts at creating traps for these elusive creatures. Yet, somehow, their quarry always manages to escape before being seen. How is it that these monsters consistently evade capture?

5. Bizarre Creature Names

Some of the names given to the creatures on the show, such as sheepsquatch and snallygaster, seem to be randomly concocted. It’s as if the show’s creators are inventing new monsters to keep the audience engaged.

6. Inappropriate Joking

The AIMS team members are undoubtedly entertaining, but their behavior often seems out of place. If a dangerous creature had just escaped from a trap, it’s unlikely that they would stick around to joke and laugh about it. Instead, they should be fleeing the area to avoid potential danger.

7. Unconvincing CGI

Whenever the team captures something on video, it often appears to be computer-generated. While high-quality CGI can be expensive, it’s surprising that the show’s creators wouldn’t invest in more realistic visuals to support their claims.

8. Nighttime Hunts

Most eyewitness accounts of these creatures occur during the day, so it’s puzzling that the AIMS team chooses to hunt at night. This decision seems to be more about creating a dramatic atmosphere than conducting a genuine investigation.

9. The Cameraman’s Curious Timing

The show’s cameraman always seems to be just a little too late when it comes to capturing the monsters on film. Instead of focusing on the hunters’ reactions, the camera should be aimed at whatever they’re observing to provide more convincing evidence.

10. The Disclaimer

Each episode of Mountain Monsters includes a disclaimer stating that no animals were actually hunted during the show. This raises the question: how can the AIMS team claim to have caught creatures in their traps if no animals were involved? The answer likely lies in the fact that the show is scripted and staged, serving as pure entertainment rather than a genuine exploration of the unknown.

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