Ranking the Five Best Naruto Movies of All-Time

Naruto is definitely for those folks that love anime, and the movies are something that those same folks no doubt have come to value and think of as some of the best ever created largely because of the story. To be honest it’s a decent tale about a young ninja that aspires to become the leader and savior of his people. Unfortunately being an outcast doesn’t afford a person a lot of hope in these areas and tends to ostracize them from the world at large. But as the story goes along Naruto manages to attract allies to his side that help in his journey and assist him in battle. In terms of the story it seems like an ongoing quest that has a definite end in mind at all times but draws off of the desire of the fans to see more when it comes to its continuation. Lovers of manga have no doubt been quite excited to see each film come to fruition and have likely enjoyed every movie that has been made concerning Naruto. There are more than a few since the tale is long and incredibly detailed, but if you aren’t into anime it’s still likely that the story will interest you enough to watch it. After all the idea of any story is to tell a tale and to entertain all at once, though the audience is always bound to change depending on the material and how it’s presented.

Here are five of the best Naruto films according to the fans.

5. Will of Fire

When the elemental lands come under attack from a superior force it’s up to Naruto and his allies to take the fight to the enemy to avoid a fourth Great Ninja World War. Despite their best efforts however they are no match for their enemy until Naruto unleashes an attack that the enemy cannot counter, thereby killing him and stopping the war before it ever gets started. Many of these movies seem to exist based on the premise that each and every main character carries some measure of skill or power that is invaluable to the story. The more powerful one gets however the more important they seem.

4. Road to Ninja

One of the main points of this movie is that family is stronger than many people think even when one doesn’t believe they have anyone in their life. Naruto, who is an orphan, goes through at least part of his life feeling the constant sting of not having anyone to rely on. But when he alters a timeline and has to revert it back to the way it was he soon discovers that he has more than he originally though. Another great thing about these movies is that they do come with a lesson here and there to teach those that watch and reaffirm a sense of morality with the viewers.

3. Boruto

The passing of the torch had to come eventually and no one could have been a better choice than someone who was connected to Naruto by one of the strongest bonds after. Naruto has become the Hokage of his village in this film and has children who are grown and are on their way to becoming their own people. Boruto however, his son, thinks that Naruto doesn’t spend enough time with his family and puts everything he has into the village. When Naruto is forced to sacrifice himself for the people and is transported to another dimension though Boruto is desperate to reconcile with his father and joins a group of allies that embark on a mission to save him.

2. Naruto Shippoden the Movie

At one point this movie makes you think that Naruto is going to die, but hen you’re reminded that he’s the hero, and the namesake of the series, so it’s not entirely possible. But the battle that comes is fierce enough that Naruto’s strength is sorely tested as he comes within a hairs breadth of being parted from his life until the priestess he’s guarding changes his fate and allows him to live. Vanquishing the demon that had escaped to take over the world, Naruto is then given a proposition that he accepts without really knowing what he’s getting himself into.

1. The Last

Despite the title and what it seems to denote this is not the last movie, but rather one that allows for the transition from Naruto as a young warrior to a man that has finally found the peace he wants and the woman he wants to share it with. By the end of the movie he’s been married and as the film goes on it shows that he and his wife have had two children. It’s a fitting way to transition from one story to the next.

Like I said above, it helps to be a fan of anime, but the story is very engaging.

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