The Top Five Kills In Quentin Tarantino Films

The Top Five Kills In Quentin Tarantino Films

The Top Five Kills In Quentin Tarantino Films

Stylish, over-the-top, and hilarious, are the words often described by critics and fans of Quentin Tarantino’s brand of violence. The filmmaker has no qualms about blowing off heads or setting murderous cult members on fire, and it’s his stylish brand of violence that usually makes Tarantino’s movies pop. This article will focus on the best kills within a Quentin Tarantino film. That means that Tarantino had to be both the writer and director of the feature, so, unfortunately, there’s no love for True Romance or Natural Born Killers here. Let’s get started with the first murder:

Colonel Hans Landa kills the Dreyfus family

What a way to introduce a villain! Inglorious Basterds is infamous for several moments and pieces of dialogue including Col. Hans Landa. It took Quentin Tarantino nearly a decade to pen this masterpiece and it was certainly worth the wait. Inglorious Basterds follows Allied officer Lt. Aldo Raine and his Jewish soldiers to commit violent acts of retribution against the Nazis. The first time we meet Colonel Hans Landa is the very first scene of the film and his introduction is instantly packed with tension. We understand the story and consequences, but Tarantino masterfully toys with the audiences’ emotions here. Of course, this scene wouldn’t pack a punch if it wasn’t for Christopher Waltz, who manages to be kind, cunning, and murderous in an effortless wave of emotions. After the intense discussion where Perrier LaPadite confirms that the Dreyfus family is under the floor of his house, Landa doesn’t hesitate to call his men to do his dirty work and the bloody slaying drives home just how much of a deplorable human being that Landa is. It sets the tone for what’s to come and instantly gets you rooting for the good guys looking to take Landa’s head.

Marvin Gets Shot in the face

Come on, you laughed when Marvin was shot in the face. Opposite of the seriousness of Colonel Hans Landa murdering the Dreyfus family, this moment of Vincent Vega accidentally blowing Marvin’s head off is both laugh-out-loud funny and shocking. It’s a testament to Quentin Tarantino’s superb writing that he’s managed to pull off a scene like this and Vega isn’t seen as an unlikeable guy. Of course, some that credit should be shared with Travolta, who suggested that Marvin’s death be an accident instead. This scene perfectly displays the dark humor that Tarantino does so well and cements just how ugly Vincent and Jules’s world can get. There’s a question on whether Vincent actually shot Marvin on purpose. Tarantino has never given a direct answer, stating that he wants to leave that moment up for interpretation. Whether it was on purpose or not, it’s still one of the most iconic scenes in film.

Stuntman Mike Is Beaten To Death

Death Proof isn’t exactly highly regarded as one of Tarantino’s best, though it’s still a solid film overall. Part of the fun is Kurt Russell’s Stuntman Mike, who gleefully kills innocent women. His character is built-up so well that it’s hard not to want to see Abernathy, Kim, and Zoe get their revenge on the murderous bastard. The entire chase sequence was thrilling, especially seeing Stuntman Mike’s fear, then his moment of relief when he thought that he got rid of the three women, and his realization he’s a dead man. What puts his death in the memorable category is the video game-like beatdown served by Abernathy, Kim, and Zoe, which sees the end card pop up abruptly. It’s a perfect mix of classic Tarantino traits of dark humor, violence, and absurdity.

Rick Dalton torches a Manson family member with a flamethrower

The Manson attack towards the end of Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood was met with tons of controversy. The scene saw Cliff Booth single Handly beat the crap out of two Manson family members; however, other than the brutal beating of the female member that Booth disposes of Dalton takes care of business himself. In classic Tarantino fashion, that scene is played with a mix of laughs and seriousness, though you never buy that Dalton is in any sort of danger. Dalton pulling out a flamethrower took the already bizarre and hilarious moment to absurd levels and him blasting her was a cool visual. Sure, you can question if these kills were a bit extreme, but there’s no denying how unforgettable the final 20 minutes of Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood is.

Beatrix Kiddo Puts A Knife Through Vernita Green

Kill Bill is packed with exciting fights, but Vernita Green’s death is the most unpredictable. The entire sequence of both women destroying each other inside of the family home is a great watch, but the moment Vernita’s daughter comes home is where the introduction turns epic. The juxtaposition of seeing the beautiful sunny sky and the innocent Nikki coming home to a chaotic mess and two bloody women is a riot. We get some fun banter from Green and Kiddo until the surprise gunshot and then the quick Killshot. It’s not exactly the death itself that’s shocking, but the moment and the fact that it’s in front of Green’s daughter. It would be great if Tarantino came through with the teased part III, but even if he doesn’t, this is still one of the cooler kills.Kill Bill

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